Saturday, February 15, 2014

Turning 63

On the 16th I will turn 63 yrs. old. I do not know how I really feel about this.
I have now outlived my Mom by 13 yrs.
I am old.
I am not as fat as I once was, but I could still lose more.
I still work to damn much. A full time job plus two days a week part time.
I feel like I am not in control of my life.
I love my wife, but I feel that the longer we are together, the more we grow apart.
I still lost when she is not with me.
I miss my Dad.
I want to retire one day. I do not know how or when.
I feel like some of my grand kids are strangers to me.
I need to talk to my Dr. about shoulder surgery. If I do this, they may not hold my position at my store. I will still have a job, not there.
I may have a new grand baby on the way and I need to take care of myself more.
I want to do more for my Shriners Unit.
I am now the treasurer for the Unit.
I am tired of hurting from the pain all of the time.
I am tired not having any time for myself.
  Thanks for listening to my rant.
  Till next time---------------Poohpa

Monday, April 22, 2013


I do not know if I have anymore tears or if my heart can hurt anymore.

This last week was tough on an old man.In my old age it seems I have turned into an old wuss.
Monday with the bombing in Boston was bad enough,but the blast in West,Texas was harder on me.

I was honored to visit, the Sunday before, at The Firefighter Roundup.The Tarrant County Community Collage has atop notch fire training facility.Fire fighters from all over the state were there.Big cities and small.They can get intensive training,in many areas.Swift water rescue,hose and engine training,rescue from large and small buildings,and car and bus wrecks
( this is were I was at).The firemen get high level training in a short time for little money.This is great for small departments and all so large cities.

Wednesday I go to my CERT class(Community Emergency Response Team).We talked about a local bus rollover and the Boston bombing.The training,for the week,was Hazmat.Bombs,gas,and hazmat dangers.

Not knowing that at the same time the town of West was blown away by a blast at a fertilizer plant.Many people died.Many people are without homes.

Fire fighters,just like the ones I visited with on Sunday,Ran into a dangerous situation,and lost the battle.Regular men and women just trying to help.These are true heroes.

Fifteen people died and 120 hurt in a town of 2000.The whole town has been affected.

Heart goes out to the people and town of West Texas.
My heart hurts for the families that lost it all.Volunteer firemen do not get death benifits,there families are left with nothing.

Till next time---------------Poohpa

Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas 2012

This year,as always,we will have kids and grand kids over Christmas day.It has been proven,that I am the biggest kid of all.Call me a pushover or a big wuss,but I do love a family get together.
I am the one that would try to get the kids up at 4:00 to open their gifts.I can remeber Sarah telling me to grow up and go back to bed.
I remember us trying toget our presents opened befor my mother in law got to our house.
Now this woman did love her Christmas day.Every thing had to be done just the same as always.She even put 1.50 in change in my gift one time.When I asked her why,she said she spent a 1.50 more on her son than on me.
The dinner had to be just right.There was even a list of what was to be served.
I remember my brother ,sister and I ,having to hurry with our presents,so we would go to our grand parents,for dinner.Some times it was weeks before I knew what I got,because we were on the run all day.
Now we are lucky,that we stay at home and the kids come to us.I do not know how much longer this will last,but for know it works.
I remember Christmas past--my fil always lost his dinner roll.he always would say some one would steal it.
I remember the walks after,to walk off the food,so we would go back and eat pie.
Every year I would ask Mell( my Dads mom did not want to be called  Grannie)to come eat with us.For 35 years she said no.One year she said yes.This was one my best Christmas ever.She had never even been to my Dads for Christmas.In the next few months she pasted away.Maybe she knew what was to come.She did not stay long,but she came.
Know I love to watch the grand kids open the gift and see the look on their faces.I try and stir crap up with the grand kids and always get caught by Nene.
It always seems to go by to fast.

I want to wish all of 'yawl a very Merry Christmas to you and yours fom me and mine.

Till next time----Poohpa,Nene,Sarah,Gerry,Abbie,Nolan,Caity,Kevin,Angie,Hailey,Kasey,Keith,Sydney,Peyton,And little man--Andrew.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas Time At The Store

Well here it is --time for Christmas.
This is a time that I love,execpt for all the butt wipes at the store.What is it that makes grown men and women go stupid,at holiday time.
How can a grown man,not know anything about grocery shopping!This is the time of year,when you see guys,in the store, that just stand in the isles with a lost look on their faces.How can you not know that green beans are not in the meat dept.?
Do you ever find milk on the can veggie isle?
This the time of year,when the Wife is busy and sends them to the ,maybe for the first time.I ain't talking about no 20 yr old.These are men that are 40+ yaers old.Have you never had to buy coffee or cigs?
Every year we just stand behind the meat counter and wait for the dumb struck to come in.I guess they come to us.I swear they look like deer in the head lights.
I hate to see grown men lost.

Till next tme -----Poohpa

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

Just a quick note to say Hi--

This year I am thankful for every thing in my life.I miss the people and family lost( Mom,Dad,Nannie,and Papa).
I am thankful for all my friends and even the ones that are not.

I am thankful the most,for the most important thing in my life,My family.Our three kids,their husbands,wife,, and lady friend.Our eight grand kids.My brother and his kids and grand kids.My sister(who flew in from Utah to be with us for the first time in 20= years)and her kids and grand kids,and even Riki,her boy friend.My half sister and her daughter.My step sisters and their husband and boy friend,and all of their kids and grand kids.My step mom Dean,who has put up with a lot of crap from me,in my younger years.

I cannot forget our men and women in service of our country.It must be lonely,in a far away land on a holiday.They must miss their family.

Even the guys I work with,on both of my jobs.My friends and brothers in the Lodge and the Shrine.

And most of all the woman that has made the luckist man in the world,with out her I would have nothing----my WIFE.

Till next time-------Poohpa

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Hey There!!!!!!!!!!

Just a short note to let you know we are still here.we have been busy trying to finish the bath remodle.(I am 99%done).All I have to do is hang towel bars.I want to also put a new electric plug in and a TV cable in for the TV.This means I will have to put in a new circuit breaker,this not to hard.The worst part is that I can't get in the attic safely anymore.I will have wait for one of the boys to help.

I have finished my CERT training.In Jan.I will start the second part.

The Shrine Circus went well.I can't wait till next year.With all that was going on,it really wore my butt out,but I love it.

We also took a small road trip with our friends.This was a nice change of nice this time of year.

I have just started taking a class to get my Ham radio permit.I have figured out I am not geeky enough for this.These people are super geeks.I will survive this(I hope)

Along with working 2 jobs.Shit I am tired!

Till next time-------------Poohpa

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Still here!!!!

Don't fer get me. I have been very busy.Circus is about to start,I am still taking my Cert( Community Emergency Response Team),working two jobs,plus we are doing a remodel on our  two bathrooms.
Grand kids and the rest of the family are doing great.My weight loss is holding at about the same weight..I go see the Doc on Monday...........

Till next time--------------Poohpa