Sunday, November 27, 2011

New Start

 Dec 1st. I will start a new chapter.On the 1st I am starting a liquid diet.
 This is in prep of the gastric sleeve,I will  have on Dec.15.
 I have been working on this since May,taking classes and seminars.

 The good part of this, I hope to lose 8o or 9o lbs by Thanksgiving next year.

 The bad part is that I will not get to eat for 8 to 10 weeks.The first two will be a cake walk.
After the surgery,that will be something different all together.
Mostly no food for the first week.Protein shakes for the next two.Blended for the next two.The soft foods for will come next.
 This could be a hard time for me (and my wife).
 This will be made easier by bitch'n alot to all of you.

  Till Next time----------------------Poohpa

Monday, November 21, 2011


 Thanksgiving makes me think of my MIL.We lost her a few years ago,but she is with us during the season.
 She had a tradition of having the grand kids over to help make dressing for the turkey.(In Texas we eat dressing not stuffing).My oldest son took over this job before she left us.This last week, my kids got together,and make the dressing for Thanksgiving and Christmas.We tried to get my grand kids to help,but most were playing to hard to be bothered .
 This time of year always make all of us think even more of her.
 She was born in 19 something,As Josephine Gotcher in Farmsville Tx.
 Married James McClary.
 Then Paul Skidmore.
 But she was known as Nannie,by anyone ,who was anyone.
 We had some people who came to her funeral that did not know her name was Jo.
 She was sweet.
 She was stern.
 She loved her grandkids more than life it's self,and would protect them to the end.
 She was what the word family means! Look it up.
 She loved the holidays.She decorated for weeks.She wrapped for weeks.She cooked for just as long.
 I miss her.
  Till next time--------------------Poohpa
P.S. I will not be way for so long.Starting on Dec.1,I will start a new chapter in my life and let you all help me through it.