Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas 2012

This year,as always,we will have kids and grand kids over Christmas day.It has been proven,that I am the biggest kid of all.Call me a pushover or a big wuss,but I do love a family get together.
I am the one that would try to get the kids up at 4:00 to open their gifts.I can remeber Sarah telling me to grow up and go back to bed.
I remember us trying toget our presents opened befor my mother in law got to our house.
Now this woman did love her Christmas day.Every thing had to be done just the same as always.She even put 1.50 in change in my gift one time.When I asked her why,she said she spent a 1.50 more on her son than on me.
The dinner had to be just right.There was even a list of what was to be served.
I remember my brother ,sister and I ,having to hurry with our presents,so we would go to our grand parents,for dinner.Some times it was weeks before I knew what I got,because we were on the run all day.
Now we are lucky,that we stay at home and the kids come to us.I do not know how much longer this will last,but for know it works.
I remember Christmas past--my fil always lost his dinner roll.he always would say some one would steal it.
I remember the walks after,to walk off the food,so we would go back and eat pie.
Every year I would ask Mell( my Dads mom did not want to be called  Grannie)to come eat with us.For 35 years she said no.One year she said yes.This was one my best Christmas ever.She had never even been to my Dads for Christmas.In the next few months she pasted away.Maybe she knew what was to come.She did not stay long,but she came.
Know I love to watch the grand kids open the gift and see the look on their faces.I try and stir crap up with the grand kids and always get caught by Nene.
It always seems to go by to fast.

I want to wish all of 'yawl a very Merry Christmas to you and yours fom me and mine.

Till next time----Poohpa,Nene,Sarah,Gerry,Abbie,Nolan,Caity,Kevin,Angie,Hailey,Kasey,Keith,Sydney,Peyton,And little man--Andrew.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas Time At The Store

Well here it is --time for Christmas.
This is a time that I love,execpt for all the butt wipes at the store.What is it that makes grown men and women go stupid,at holiday time.
How can a grown man,not know anything about grocery shopping!This is the time of year,when you see guys,in the store, that just stand in the isles with a lost look on their faces.How can you not know that green beans are not in the meat dept.?
Do you ever find milk on the can veggie isle?
This the time of year,when the Wife is busy and sends them to the ,maybe for the first time.I ain't talking about no 20 yr old.These are men that are 40+ yaers old.Have you never had to buy coffee or cigs?
Every year we just stand behind the meat counter and wait for the dumb struck to come in.I guess they come to us.I swear they look like deer in the head lights.
I hate to see grown men lost.

Till next tme -----Poohpa

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

Just a quick note to say Hi--

This year I am thankful for every thing in my life.I miss the people and family lost( Mom,Dad,Nannie,and Papa).
I am thankful for all my friends and even the ones that are not.

I am thankful the most,for the most important thing in my life,My family.Our three kids,their husbands,wife,, and lady friend.Our eight grand kids.My brother and his kids and grand kids.My sister(who flew in from Utah to be with us for the first time in 20= years)and her kids and grand kids,and even Riki,her boy friend.My half sister and her daughter.My step sisters and their husband and boy friend,and all of their kids and grand kids.My step mom Dean,who has put up with a lot of crap from me,in my younger years.

I cannot forget our men and women in service of our country.It must be lonely,in a far away land on a holiday.They must miss their family.

Even the guys I work with,on both of my jobs.My friends and brothers in the Lodge and the Shrine.

And most of all the woman that has made the luckist man in the world,with out her I would have nothing----my WIFE.

Till next time-------Poohpa

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Hey There!!!!!!!!!!

Just a short note to let you know we are still here.we have been busy trying to finish the bath remodle.(I am 99%done).All I have to do is hang towel bars.I want to also put a new electric plug in and a TV cable in for the TV.This means I will have to put in a new circuit breaker,this not to hard.The worst part is that I can't get in the attic safely anymore.I will have wait for one of the boys to help.

I have finished my CERT training.In Jan.I will start the second part.

The Shrine Circus went well.I can't wait till next year.With all that was going on,it really wore my butt out,but I love it.

We also took a small road trip with our friends.This was a nice change of nice this time of year.

I have just started taking a class to get my Ham radio permit.I have figured out I am not geeky enough for this.These people are super geeks.I will survive this(I hope)

Along with working 2 jobs.Shit I am tired!

Till next time-------------Poohpa

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Still here!!!!

Don't fer get me. I have been very busy.Circus is about to start,I am still taking my Cert( Community Emergency Response Team),working two jobs,plus we are doing a remodel on our  two bathrooms.
Grand kids and the rest of the family are doing great.My weight loss is holding at about the same weight..I go see the Doc on Monday...........

Till next time--------------Poohpa

Monday, July 23, 2012

Two trips

Two trips in one month! This a new thing for us.First,a trip to Lke Powell for a few days on a 70ft houseboat,then Clovis New Mexico for a softball tournement.
The young ladies play in a eight and under bracket.They won the nationals! Playing the girls that won the title last year,we beat them three times.Twice in one day.
The other team usally wins by 15 runs or more.The Haltom Fireballs beat them 18 to2.
Maybe the 7 hour drive was worth it.
This is the first time year,Hailey, has ever been asked to play at this level.The first few weeks were ify,but the girls came together.They played great and kicked some ass,in the process.
For winning the Nationals,the young ladies were awarded Championship rings,with a chain,so the can wear them around their necks.They may not be Super Bowl rings,but I know 11 young ladies that
 will differ with you.This a big deal for a eight year old!( and a Poohpa)

Pics to come later-----------------------Poohpa

Monday, July 16, 2012

Vacation 2012--Lake Powell Az.

 Lake Powell marina from the boat.
We shared a houseboat with my brother and his wife,my sister and her man friend and Troy and his wife. We were here for four days of rest,including four days of intense bullshit and lies.It was great!
This my kind of vacation---food,food and more food,and good company.

Like is good.The water was deep,clear, and cool.Movies in the hot part of the day.Hot tub in the later afternoon.It was hot but the humdity was very low.Even when it 100f,it was nice in the shade.

The boat was four bedrooms,two baths,and room for 6 to eat at the table.A hot tub on the upper deck with a wet bar near,stereo and satillite TV in every room.
Ritas in the tub late in the after noon.
Steaks at night.
Eggs and pancakes in the morning.
 Troy and Sharon.
Men doing what men do!---The Saggy Ass Boys
 Becki,Riki,Sharon,and Sondi in the tub w/ ritas.
 Becki and Riki.
 Russ and Cleo.
Like is good!

Till next time-Poohpa

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Uncle Max

A few years ago,we had a big storm come through our area.A lot of people lost power for a week or more.Luckily we were not one, of the ones that lost power.My mil(Nannie) was with out power and stayed with us for a week.
We found out her brother,Max,was in his house with no electrical power.After a little talking,he came to stay with us also.
One Monday night,we were watching TV.They were showing the  D-day ceremonies from France.Uncle Max said he was there.Come to find out he was one of the Rangers that scaled the cliffs at Normandy!He never talked to us about it before.I never knew he was a true American hero.

As a young boy who spent his Saturday mornings at the movies fighting Hitler and the Japs,I was in awe.As a child of the fifties,I was talking to man that had walked the walk.He was one of the few that made it back.
We lost Uncle Max a few months later.We lost a true hero and we all lost a great Uncle and a man to look up too.
Max, thank you for your service to our country .You are the reason America is so great!We love you and miss you.

Till next time-------------Poohpa

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Life Is Good!

Life is good! I am blessed!
 Today most of my kids and their families are coming over for burgers and dogs.My mom and one of my sister is also going to be there.
 I love family time.Call me old,call me sappy,just call me.I think the older I get, the more I love it.Fun is the name of the game.G-kids playing in the backyard,the swing set gets a work out.
 Of course the adults,eat,cook,and watch the kids.We get to catch up on our lives and tell a few stories.
 Family and good friends are what it is all about.There are  few things in life more important.We eat,we talk,and we can cry with each other.
 As you know- work in the meat market is tuff on a holiday week end,but that is life.Luckily we still get a chance to enjoy our families.

Till next time--------------Poohpa

P.S.--Remember our heroes! They are the reason we are able to do what we want,on these holidays.

Monday, May 21, 2012


If it ain't broke, don't fix it!

Now I like change as much as anyone, but,
 crap,why mess with something that works well. has messed with the way you post and  and write your blog.It used to be easy to compose and edit .Not now.
Just like this blue background under the text.Where in the hell did this come from!!!
The last time I wrote,it was hard to post to the internet.

I am old and bitchy,there is no need to mess with things.Most of us( blogers),don't give a crap about stats.I quess all of the options are nice if  you care,I don't

I like easy and the same way to post and work your blog.Blogspot leave me alone!

I am through bitch'n for now.

Till next time-----------------Poohpa

Monday, May 7, 2012

It's Been a While

So I have been lazy!!! Time has really been flying.We have been busy with the grand kids(baseball,socccar,and softball).
You know, me and the wife are a soft touch for the g-kids.

The last few weeks have been fun,with the kids and our friends.
We love this time of year.The weather is great--for the first time that I can remember,we have even had a proper spring.Spring in Texas is  about two hours long.This year it has been 3 weeks and just now begain to get hot.( except for the fact I have to mow every 5 days,it would be great).

We are planning a trip to Lake Powell, in Arizona,In July,for a week.We will be on a house boat ,with my brother and his wife along with my sister and her boy friend.

If they don't kill me,it will be fun.

Update---The weight loss is still going well.Slow,but steady.Down 63bs.Just 26 more to go!Still trying to go to the gym three times a week.The last three months I have lost 15lbs.My numbers are still comming down.Sondi may have to put up with me a few more years.

Till next time---Poohpa

Friday, April 6, 2012


As my Bud ,Jim says to his wife "Why is it your stuff ,but, if it is mine it is crap?

Till next time----------------Poohpa

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

We dodged a bullet

Yesterday was a bitch around here! We were lucky that our area was spared any damage.The people to the east and south of us were not so lucky.As many of you have heard, we had a round of storms.Twelve confirmed funnels, on the ground.The storm area was two counties wide.Only 12 people injured and no deaths reported yet.
We only had heavy rain and light hail at our house.

I admire all of the people that all ways show up, out of no were, to help.People appear with food,water,and strong backs .Anything to help.

One of the groups that cities have,is the CERT.(Commuty Respone Team).This training most cities do through the Fire Dept.Men and women give their time to help,for storm reponce,light serch,and damage assement.Their main job is to give firemen time to do their main job,help resuce and fight fires.

My hat is off to them and all voulenters!!!!!!!

Till next time----Poohpa

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Springtime in Texas

The spring in Texas means wild flowers.The state flower of Texas is the bluebonnet.Some of the most colorful flowers that I know.They grow wild on the side of most roads.I needed to share this with my out of state friends.
Till next time------Poohpa

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spring time

I love the mid parts of the year.Spring and Fall.
I love the fact that it ain't to damn hot .Call me a wuss,I don't care.The cold doesn't bother me as much as the heat.Being a meat cutter,I am in the cold most of the time.Now I don't like to freeze either.
I know, you can't have it both ways.
This time of the year makes me wish I still had a motorcycle.It has seen 30 yrs.,bu the urge is still there.I rode for 10yrs.and loved it,but things had to change and the bike went.We rode with a touring club for years and loved it.We met some of our best friends there.
It is hard to believe Nene was a biker bitch,but it was true.I always thought she was hot on a bike!
She says I am to damn old to ride anymore---wrong,but the Soul does have air and heat.
As I have said " I hate yard work",this has not changed.
As most of you know I have been working to lose weight,yard work is not as much fun as going to the gym.The weight lose is going slow,but it is going.63lbs in 3 months.

Till next time----Poohpa

Friday, March 9, 2012


In school,we were taught, to go to the bathroom.That you could raise your hand,#1 or #2.
I wonder if have to go #1 and#2 is that called a #3 combo?

Till next time -Poohpa

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

That time of year again.

It's that time of year--Yard work!  Shit
I have never been one to love yard work.Now I am not lazy,but I have never liked to work in the yard.
The first week of March and yard work!!!
In Texas, you are lucky to get 2 months free from the damn yard.
Yard work in December is a bitch.
Now I have been going to the gym three times a week,while working 7 days a week.
You wonder why I dislike it so much.If ,I was not so cheap, I would hire someone to do this for me,but I am a cheap son of a bitch.
The weather last year was so bad,I was afraid for my health.
Not to mention,every time I farted,I burned a hole in my shorts.Nothing worse than flames shoot'n out your ass!

Till next time-Poohpa

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Birthday 61

Thursday was my birthday.I spent the day with my 6yr. old grandson--Kasey.He is a handfull most of the time.This day he was an angel.
I took him to the Dr. with me-the nurses loved him ( this is a curse the Lowe men have lived with forever).
Later we went to breakfast and later to lunch with Nene.
Next was the movie and then a little shopping with Poohpa.

Now this boy can eat!!!!
Donuts and milk.Before the Dr.
Waffle House for brunch--eggs and waffle-hash browns-bacon and O.J.
Lunch with Nene--Salad and some of my Beef tips-root beer.-
Bucket of popcorn at the show.
Powered donuts later.
When he got home he had a sandwich before bed.

This was a great day for me,lots of fun and a great day with Kasey.

I wish I had more time to spend with all of my grand kids.One on one.

This was one of the best birthdays ever.

Till next time-----Poopha

Monday, February 13, 2012


It has been nearly two months since my surgery.Things are going well.I have made progress on the weight loss.Six more pounds and down another pants size down.

I found out ,that at work one of my co-works has been telling stories about me.
Steve has told some of my customers,that I was having a sex-change surgery.And that I was coming back to work as a 60 year old blue hair woman.

I love the peeps that I work with.This is what I would come up with!

Till next time---------Poohpa

Monday, January 30, 2012

Jelly legs

Well I have started working out.I am not Arnold,yet,but I am working at it.Forty minutes on the treadmill and I am shot to shit.The weight has started to come off slowly.I am hoping for 10 lbs. a month.
I have a bad case of jelly legs.I have been trying to make it at least three time a week. I also try to hit the weights,every couple of days.

If you work out,it is not wise to eat Mexican food first.I cleared the gym,when I used the squat machine.
Don't ask me how I know this.

Till next time--------------------Poohpa

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Dam'n It!

Still not losing any weight,Hell I even gained 3lbs.I am getting tired of this.
Shit!!I am going to join a fitness club tomorrow.I hate paying money to sweat(I am one cheap bastard as I have said many times).
I don't seem to eating that much,I quess I will starve myself to death.Maybe if I chew my lips off,it will keep me lean and mean.
Although I am still down over 50lbs,I want more.

I will take a minute to say Happy Birthday to my great looking wife.She turns 16(she has some of my grandkids believing  this).People think I am the only one with a line of bull shit in this house.Bull shit.
            ( reverse the 6 and the1,and add 1.This her true age.You did not hear this from me!!)
Till next time ---Poohpa

Saturday, January 7, 2012


Sunday I return to the meat cutting job.I can say I could get used to not working,but it does not pay well.
I wounder how my strength will hold up.I know the guys at work will help me if needed,but I like to do it myself.

Since my weight loss.I know the women will be a problem.This is a curse,as I have told you before.I just have to live with it.They cannot help themselves.

Still the same on the weight loss.I know when I start back to work it will start coming off again.

Till next time-------------Poohpa