Monday, January 30, 2012

Jelly legs

Well I have started working out.I am not Arnold,yet,but I am working at it.Forty minutes on the treadmill and I am shot to shit.The weight has started to come off slowly.I am hoping for 10 lbs. a month.
I have a bad case of jelly legs.I have been trying to make it at least three time a week. I also try to hit the weights,every couple of days.

If you work out,it is not wise to eat Mexican food first.I cleared the gym,when I used the squat machine.
Don't ask me how I know this.

Till next time--------------------Poohpa

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Dam'n It!

Still not losing any weight,Hell I even gained 3lbs.I am getting tired of this.
Shit!!I am going to join a fitness club tomorrow.I hate paying money to sweat(I am one cheap bastard as I have said many times).
I don't seem to eating that much,I quess I will starve myself to death.Maybe if I chew my lips off,it will keep me lean and mean.
Although I am still down over 50lbs,I want more.

I will take a minute to say Happy Birthday to my great looking wife.She turns 16(she has some of my grandkids believing  this).People think I am the only one with a line of bull shit in this house.Bull shit.
            ( reverse the 6 and the1,and add 1.This her true age.You did not hear this from me!!)
Till next time ---Poohpa

Saturday, January 7, 2012


Sunday I return to the meat cutting job.I can say I could get used to not working,but it does not pay well.
I wounder how my strength will hold up.I know the guys at work will help me if needed,but I like to do it myself.

Since my weight loss.I know the women will be a problem.This is a curse,as I have told you before.I just have to live with it.They cannot help themselves.

Still the same on the weight loss.I know when I start back to work it will start coming off again.

Till next time-------------Poohpa