Wednesday, March 31, 2010

things that piss me off #2

  1. red light cameras
  2. dumb ass poeple that pass on the right side shoulder
  3. don't forget tailgaters
  4. rap and hip hop music
  5. guy's that sag their pants ( you look like a dumb ass)
  6. guy's that can't keep his hands off his junk
  7. crotch rockets doing 90 on the back wheel
  8. bastards that play the bass up to loud
  9. when red light cameras go up they shorten the yellow light
  10. the older I get,the more I hurt
  11. food servers that play with their hair and smack their gum
  12. people that do not try and learn english
  13. mowing my yard when it is 100 f
  14. mostly everything and everybody piss me off

My Dad

My Dad was a simple man. He was not the most wealthy. He was not the smartest (I only wish that Iam as smart as him).
He was a hard working man.He worked for a school district as a janitor and a bus driver. After he retired he kept a large garden and even mowed commerical lots.
Dad said"I am a jack of all trades ,but a master of none". This was wrong ,because I never found anything he could not do.He helped me with electrical ,plumbing,and even car problems many times.
All I had to do is call and he would be there any time. He was there to help anyone of us kids when we called.
Dad lived my his Masonic teachings--family-God--honesty--work and support your family.We were never rich when we grew up, but we always had what we needed.
Mom and Dad divorced when we were young.It was the best thing that ever happen to him. He met and married a great lady and even had an other child late in life.(GO DAD-GO DAD).
We lost Dad 5 years ago this month.I still miss him greatly and think of him all the time.
I hope my kids love me half as much as I loved him.He was my hero!
Dad--- I love you!

Sunday, March 28, 2010


There are somethings I hope for when I am gone.

1. That my friends and family will miss me.

2. That I am considered to be a honest man.

3. That I am a man of my word.

4. That they remember me for my humor.

5. That my kids and grandkids know that I loved them,no matter what they have done.

6.That people remember me as a hard worker,that did my job well.

7.Instead of crying for me , they remember only the fun times.

8.That the best times of my life was when we had family dinners or just got to gather.

9.I enjoyed christmas morning and was more excited than any of our kids.

10. Most of all I hope the Lord welcomes me with open arms!

Saturday, March 27, 2010


I love to make fun of my friends,but my biggest source of material is myself.
Just a short little story about a swim party.Our best freinds(Bill@ Darleen) went eat with us.After dinner they ask us back to their house to swim.It was late ,about 10:00 pm,when we got to their house.Bill says, we have to watch out for the BATS. Just as they said the bats came down and swooped the pool.
The did not bother us, but they were cool to watch.About two hours later I was in the pool with Bill.He came up behind me with large leaf.He threw the leaf on the right side of my head ,form behind.REMEBER THE BATS.
I came staight up out of the pool,just knowing the damn bats were sucking my brains out through my ear!Did you ever see Dracula? I dam'n near pissed in the pool( only because the bats sucked my brains out).
That dam'n Bill as made fun of me for 10 yrs or more .
There is nothing like good times with good friends.
A we all know LIFE IS GOOD.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


There are few things I hate in life more than speaking in front of people.I don't mean two hundered,I mean more than five.(Although#1 on my list,rates at the top).
The commander of my Shriner unit asked me to be the unit chaplin.My duties include keeping track of sick brothers and their families.I make calls and send cards(ok).I make reports to the units at the meetings (ok).To give the prayer , not once, but twice at the meetings( not ok).
Prayer is very private to me. To say one in public is just down right scarey. I can screw up a two word passage.On top of the fact I feel like I sound like Fred Flintstone.
After a couple of meetings and a dinner,I CHEATED! I gave up! I printed the prayer out and read it as everyone bowed their heads.Not the same to me,but I don't sound like a complete dumd ass! No one seemed to notice,but I did.
When your commander ask you for help,it is not proper to turn him down.I told him of my fears.He had back up just incase I screwed up and then pissed my pants! lucky for me I have not pissed yet, but the year is young( maybe Depents will help).
I admit it gets easier every time , but i still will print
Till next time---POOHPA

Saturday, March 20, 2010


One more time it's snowing -- March 20 --spring in Texas, don't you just love it?
Enough about that.
The real reson I am posting is ,I have to bitch again about tailgaters.
I work a p/t job as driver for Enterprise rent a car. As a driver I take cars out of service,
put new cars in service.Also take them to the auction and deliver to car dealers.WE travel
in a van with as many as six drivers.Our van driver is a bad tailgater. Twice friday,he came close
having a bad wreck. On day it will happen, I just hope it will not be bad.
(refer to#1 on my list)
Friday night we took our kids and grandkids,along with my mom and Angie's grand moom,
to play bingo at hte Masonic temple.The Shriners did a nice job.Popcorn and cokes,along
with free bingo.Grand mom and my wife won.The grand kids had fun,we had a great time.
there is notng better than family time and fun
Till next time --Poohpa

Thursday, March 18, 2010


This my first try to post a blog,if this a complete screw up--sorry
I am just a simple man.I enjoy my wife and kids,not to mention my eight grandkids.
I have been Freemason and a Shriner 10yrs.
One of the great joys of my life is to work the Shrine circus every october in Fort Worth.This a time of good fellowship with some great guys.
Every May on the first saturday of the month,the Shriners have their street corner
collections for the Shriners Hospitals.All of the money given goes straight to the
hospitals.We provide care for the kids with no cost to anyone.Give if you can,it is a good cause.



  1. People that tailgate
  2. Stupid people
  3. People that come to my meat counter talking on the cell phone,hang that sonofbitch up if you want service.
  4. People that tailgate.
  5. People that chomp the ice from their cup(you sound like a dumb ass)
  6. People that chew with their mouth open(you look like a dumb ass)
  7. Poeple cannot close their mouth when they chew gum(you look like a dumb ass horse)
  8. Poeple that tailgate.
  9. People that live and drive in Dallas.
  10. People that talk too loud on their cell phone(not everyone wants to know your problems)