Wednesday, September 29, 2010


One of my duties with my Shrine Unit is to call and keep up with our sick members.I have talked To Stanley about three times since spring.
The first time he was not feeling well.The next time he was going in for a stint.When I called him Monday,he told me he was waiting for a heart transplant. He seems to be doing well.He is week but in good humor.He attended bingo at the Masonic Temple Friday night,but says he tires easily.He will be traveling to Salt Lake City for the surgery throgh the V.A.
Every one can benifit for prayer.Help if you can.A little knee bending never hurts.
Till next time-----Poohpa

Zit Warning

O.K. I have this major zit on the bridge of my nose.The freak'n thing is the size of Mt. Hood. In my defense ,a small blemish on the bridge of the nose, becomes very large because of my CPAP.The mask I wear rubs on any sore and goes nuts if I don't notice it.

Because I am such a studly dude,I get many questions while waiting on my customers.I think when you are so damn good look'n,as I am,you cannot hide it.

As you all know it is hard for me to control my bullshit level.

I have told people-

1. Cut in a knife fight.

2. Blew my nose to hard and a boog blew out the side.

3. Brain surgery through the top of my nose.

4.Was getting my nose pierced and the girl sneezed and missed.

5. The bitch bit me.

6. A nipple ring accident.

If Sondi reads this,I am in deep shit.She does not like people to know about the ring.State law tells me not to tell. But some times a man has to do what man has to do!

If I get the ol' stink eye when I get home I will know.

Pray for me.

Tilll next time----Poohpa

Monday, September 20, 2010


My almost new BFF,Joy the Internet queen,a few weeks ago posted on her blog about some one who hit her car.She had just gotten it fixed from being hit at the mall.I felt sorry for her. When a person cares and loves their car,it really hurts them.

This brings me to my latest rant.What has happened to common since?People just don't give a damn any more!

This brings me to more things that piss me off.

Turds that do not pull over until the last 20 ft, when the lane ends.

Turds that cannot park in a space straight.Park it right dumb ass,the next person has a hard time getting in or out without hitting another car.

Turds that play their radio so loud that you can feel it a block away.

Turds that do not know who has the right of way at a four way stop.

Turds that do not understand what a double white line is for.

Turds in diesel trucks that leave them running when the trucks are not occupied.(the damn things stink and it is against the law--a real state law).
Tiil next time-------Poohpa

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fort Smith #2

I was able to get the lap top to down load pic's after I bitch slapped it a couple of times.They say we went to Ft.Smith to play soccer.
Every time we go the ladies ask to to Hooters.They have a great time and the Dads enjoy it too.

Abbie in a little action.

The real reason the ladies like Ft.Smith is to play,either in the pool with Gerry or at Hooters.Soccer whats that?

Abbie and Sammi (along with Gerry and Nolan).

Tomi and Abbie getting a shoe shine,showing a little attitude.
Goofy girls.

Bother Nolan enjoyed Hooters the most.

Till next time---------Poohpa

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Fort Smith Soccer

Me and damn computer are fighting.I think it is winning! I have been trying to down load pic's of our trip but the damn thing will not let me.
Is it acceptable to bitch slap a lap top? I am just about ready.I will try later, if you see a bunch of pic's later you will know I have won.
Till next time----------Poohpa

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Great time of year

Shortly it will be time for our yearly Shrine Circus.

This is a time that I enjoy almost as much as Christmas.

Could this be because I am just a big kid at heart.--Duh

Last year for the first time, I was able to take off from work and work the early Friday morning performance.This free for the disadvantaged kids for the Tarrant county area.Lots of fun for kids that do not get do much of this type of stuff. Smiles every where, some on kids,mostly on Shriners. We party hard but work hard for the kids.

Pictures will come.

If you are in town Oct.9th-16th, come take in our show.

Till next time------------------Poohpa

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Cats #2

Now you think I don't like cats--wrong.I don't like pets of any kind in the house.All they do is eat and crap,they don't even work.
We had a outside cat named Flash the Wonder Cat.He controlled the neighbor hood.All cats and most dogs feared him.He only thought of three things eating, fighting,and screwing.He was my hero.One day we were cutting trees in the back yard.Flash was just watching( notice he was not working).As he walked across the yard,I happened to start the saw.He jumped up and made a right turn all at the same time.He cleared the trampoline with 3 feet to spare.I almost pissed on myself.
One day I was working on my 64 Chevy(she was called the Thunder Cruiser).As I changed the plugs this paw came out from the fender and touched my hand.I jumped up and hit my head on the hood.Thought I was having a stroke.
And you wonder why I don't like cats that much,although they my great fish bait.

Just a random thought.
If we feed our babies with a little spoons,do women from China use toothpicks?
Till next time---------------Poohpa

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


I am a grouchy old fart,this is a given.We have had cats around our house for almost 20yrs.The cats have been gone for a few years.My wife loved the cats,I on the other hand did not.The cats ruled the house. They never had a job,never worked a day in their lives.I,on the other hand, worked 7 days a week for the last 10 yrs.My wife fed them twice a day for years.She does not even get me a glass of water when she sets the dinner table( most of the time I even cook the dinner).Some thing is wrong with this.
When the last cat (Bailey) she cried for 2wks,no shit 2wks!After working for 41 yrs and 41 yrs of marriage,I would rate 2 or 3 tears,this is also a given.
When the last one passed,I would not let her have another inside animal ,so we now have 2 outside cats. These are fed 3 times a day.This ain't right .They don't even have to do dishes. And you wounder why I am so bitchy.
Tiil next time---------------Poohpa

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

New TV Shows

Damn if I have to listen or watch one more TV rerun I will just go damn crazy! I love NCSI and cannot want for a new show.Me and Jethro are two of coolest and meanest dudes in the world.I have fought more bad guys and serial killers than McGarrett.Of course all the women want me,it is a curse that I have lived with for most of my life(when I was young I did not know that they wanted me).
If I watch one more Big Brother show I will go nuts.Nothing is worse than listening to almost grown people bitch.whine. and lie.They do it badly and to often.My wife loves this crap.Thats right I said crap and thats what I mean-crap-crap-crap.Back stabbing little bastards.
I need man shows.Head roll and just a little T and A. A new state law.
Just waiting for good show.
Till next time-------Poohpa