Friday, June 24, 2011


I got nothing!!!!
My mind has gone to shit---no brains left.
Not like I have alshimers { I can't spell either} or anything.Damn spell check does not always help.
Gone to shit-----
I am having a hard time try'n to find anything to write about.
All my fart stories are gone.
My family will not talk to me for fear I will rat them out on the blog.
The guys at work run from me.
I have run out of lies.
I have not got anything to talk bad about my friends.
Nothing to rant about at work,even with the holidays coming soon.Even nothing to tell about Jack Ass,the customer from hell.
I don't even have anything to tell about me.
What the hell is going on?    Shit for brains,that what.
Till next time -----------Poohpa ( I hope)

Friday, June 17, 2011

Why Come?

I have been lazy about blogging--Why ,I been lazy!

A few things I wounder about.

How does a thermal bottle know when to keep it hot or cold?

If the great horned toad is so great and so horny---Why are they almost extinct ?

When did the emergency brake on a car, become a parking brake?

Why when you gotta go pee--is there always someone in the rest room?

Why do I think of all this useless bullshit?  My brain is full of it and it keeps leaking out.

Till next time-----Poohpa

Monday, June 6, 2011

Things that make me happy

A few things that make me happy.
  • Grand kids.
  • My wife.
  • My kids.
  • When children giggle instead of crying.
  • Good food.
  • Good food with good friends
  • A good joke ( clean or dirty).
  • Telling a good lie when your friends believe the bull shit.
  • Being right---this don't happen often.
  • Listening to a good book on CD while driving to work.
  • The guys I work with,both jobs.
  • All my women in my life.---This is a curse,I can't help it.
  • A job well done.
  • A good fart.
Till next time-------------Poohpa

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


You all know I work in a meat market.
I see stuff that most people do not want to see.
Nothing real gross,we do not kill and gut,we just cut the meat.This not as dirty as it used to be.
Sanitation laws are alot tougher than they were years ago.

I have become immune to alot.After 42 yrs I can eat beside damn near anything.I can eat a ham sandwich while sitting right beside the meat block.

I also believe that we have gone over board with this sanitation thing.Dirty is dirty,but you can over do anything.Our bodies need a little bacteria to work right.

I believe in the 30 sec  rule ( this was a 5 second rule when I was 20.The older I get the longer the time frame.)

This morning I was doing my stuff before work. Hair -teeth-pills.
When started my meds I dropped one, no big deal.This does happen.This morning I could not find it.I looked for about 5 minutes,thin a found it.It was in the holder for the toliet bowl brush.

Now I am cheap and tuff, But I aint stupid! I am just on pill short for the month.

Till next time -----------------Poohpa