Friday, December 30, 2011

New Year

After surgery, the weight loss has been slower,only five pounds this week.
I have been on a semi-soft diet.I drink milk for breakfast and small meals for the rest.

My hope is that I lose 50 more by June.

I was supposed to be on a protein shake diet,but I can't stand to drink that crap anymore.

The way I am eating I don't see how I am over eating.

Maybe the New Year will bring more loss.Next week I go back cutting meat at the store.
Maybe working your kester off will help.

Keep me in mind for the New Year.

I hope yours is better than last and not as good as the next.

Till next time-Poohpa

Thursday, December 22, 2011

New Week

One week since surgery (gastric sleeve) and I have lost another 10 lbs.This is a total of 37 since I started on the liquid diet.
Tomorrow I go and get my staples removed.
I have started back on my protein shakes for the next two weeks.
I still have very little pain,more like a discomfort.I am not supposed to lift over 10lbs. But some times it just happens.
I have two more weeks left before I go back to work at the meat dept.
I hope the next week goes as well as the last.
My hunger is not there,so it is hard to remember I need a shake.I want to eat but not because of hunger,but maybe for the taste.

Thank for listening-----------------Poohpa

Sunday, December 18, 2011


Well I am back from the hospital.The Dr. removed the side of my stomach,while he was in there,he fixed a hernia.
I was down 27 lbs.after 2 weeks on the diet.I am afraid to weigh, because I feel swollen.
I have six new scares on my tummy.(in later years I will tell my grand kids that I was in a knife fight)
This is the third day since the surgery.I am doing well.Little pain,more like a discomfort.

I have always been the biggest man in the crowd,maybe this will change.
One week on water,then two weeks of protein shakes,after that two weeks of soft foods.
This means no ham or turkey for me this year.I guess a few more years of living is worth it.

When on a liquid ;
Never pass a chance to go pee-
If get urge to poop don't wait-
And never ever trust a fart-
Don't ask me how I know this!

Till next time----------Poohpa

Friday, December 9, 2011

Second Week

Next Thursday I will have my surgery done.Hopefully I will be home Friday afternoon.
I am weak from lack of food.I need something to chew.
I am tired of drinking my meals.
After the surgery,I will have three more weeks of the liquid diet.Then soft and liquefied food,for three weeks.
I am wasting away,18 lbs. down from last week.
I am so weak,my farts are dry and don't even make a sound.Luckilly they will still stop a clock.

Till next time---------------Poohpa

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Forth Day

Well I ain't dead yet!!!!
No fingers left and I am running out of farts.
Four day into the diet and I have only cheated 375 times, If you don't count the Boston cream pie that disappeared last night.
Ten pounds in four days,not bad.

Sondi has not choked me to death in my sleep.
The guys at work say I am not anymore bitchy had normal.The ass wipes talk behind my back and point fingers at me.(they do know I am very good with a knife and will use it.)

Till next time-----------------------Poohpa     Help Me

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Day One

Shit---------------I want food.

It was not too bad.

Chewed two fingers off.

Drank four protein shakes and drank three bottles of water.

Farted and tried to bite my own fart.

Need food---send cookies fast.

Till next time -------------------Poohpa