Friday, April 6, 2012


As my Bud ,Jim says to his wife "Why is it your stuff ,but, if it is mine it is crap?

Till next time----------------Poohpa

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

We dodged a bullet

Yesterday was a bitch around here! We were lucky that our area was spared any damage.The people to the east and south of us were not so lucky.As many of you have heard, we had a round of storms.Twelve confirmed funnels, on the ground.The storm area was two counties wide.Only 12 people injured and no deaths reported yet.
We only had heavy rain and light hail at our house.

I admire all of the people that all ways show up, out of no were, to help.People appear with food,water,and strong backs .Anything to help.

One of the groups that cities have,is the CERT.(Commuty Respone Team).This training most cities do through the Fire Dept.Men and women give their time to help,for storm reponce,light serch,and damage assement.Their main job is to give firemen time to do their main job,help resuce and fight fires.

My hat is off to them and all voulenters!!!!!!!

Till next time----Poohpa