Monday, August 22, 2011


As you all know,I work a part time job.
Note to self--never share one of your signature,burnt peanut butter farts,when you are not driving the van.
Mike,the lead driver,all most passed out.We had to give him oxygen.He swears his nose hairs are gone.
Till next time-------------Poohpa

Friday, August 19, 2011

Galveston Tx

Tuesday I went to Galveston---------
This is something I have wanted and also feared.
Most go to play on the beach and fish,I went to the Shriner's Hospital.----This is one of our burns units,I think you understand why I feared this.

I am not ashamed to say"I am a wuss when it comes to hurt kids." I slept very little the night before.
I got a call a week before from my new BFF -Bill.
Bill is the lead driver on this trip,me,the co-pilot.
We left the Shrine center at 5:15 and was on the road.Half way there,we stopped in Fairfield Tx. and ate breakfast at Sam's.In Galveston by 11:oo.
The hospital is at the end of the island.We stopped in the front and unloaded our passenger.
Went to the  7th floor to the cafeteria.While there,one of the Divan from Ft Worth came by and greeted us.( The Divan is what Shriner's call their leaders).
Later, as we waited in the lobby,I watched the kids play.I saw kids with no ears,no arms,and no noses.Some came by and waved or spoke.At a young age these kids know that the men in the Fez are the ones that help.As I sat there a young girl smiled and spoke.As she spoke I noticed her arms were hanging straight down.Her Mom sewed fake hands to her sleeves,this to make her feel better.
The kid we took back was burned all over.Face ,hands,and arms.This is what I dreamed about for two days.He had no nose.No hands.

I call them kids, but they are all Men and Women.Anyone that have gone through this much are grown ups in my opinion.

The Shriner's live and die for the kids.This is what I do and what I live for.                                   

If you can,always give to the Shrine.               Poohpa

P.S. Today is my son's birthday.Maybe this is why it bothered me so much.We are all blessed by God and we are all so lucky.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Still Hot

I am still afraid it's never gone to end.39 days straight of 100 plus temps.
Made it through jury duty.
The steering wheel on the car burns your hands.When you get in,it must be 120 or more.
Even the grasshoppers are hunting shade.We are watering 4 days a week and the yard is just barely holding on.
This maybe a good thing.I only have one more bush left. I am on my last pair of cargo shorts left.The rest have burn holes in the butt.When your farts light,it hurts like hell,it is also hurts like hell.At least they don't
stink like sh----.
Till next time---------Poohpa