Monday, April 22, 2013


I do not know if I have anymore tears or if my heart can hurt anymore.

This last week was tough on an old man.In my old age it seems I have turned into an old wuss.
Monday with the bombing in Boston was bad enough,but the blast in West,Texas was harder on me.

I was honored to visit, the Sunday before, at The Firefighter Roundup.The Tarrant County Community Collage has atop notch fire training facility.Fire fighters from all over the state were there.Big cities and small.They can get intensive training,in many areas.Swift water rescue,hose and engine training,rescue from large and small buildings,and car and bus wrecks
( this is were I was at).The firemen get high level training in a short time for little money.This is great for small departments and all so large cities.

Wednesday I go to my CERT class(Community Emergency Response Team).We talked about a local bus rollover and the Boston bombing.The training,for the week,was Hazmat.Bombs,gas,and hazmat dangers.

Not knowing that at the same time the town of West was blown away by a blast at a fertilizer plant.Many people died.Many people are without homes.

Fire fighters,just like the ones I visited with on Sunday,Ran into a dangerous situation,and lost the battle.Regular men and women just trying to help.These are true heroes.

Fifteen people died and 120 hurt in a town of 2000.The whole town has been affected.

Heart goes out to the people and town of West Texas.
My heart hurts for the families that lost it all.Volunteer firemen do not get death benifits,there families are left with nothing.

Till next time---------------Poohpa