Sunday, November 28, 2010

Me Chair

As one of my last post says I need my chair.Man needs a good place to park his big ass.Your chair is one of the few places a man can go, that is his own.If another violates this it ,is an affront to his manhood.To me this is as bad as messing with his food or his woman.
Archie Bunker, my hero,said his chair was sacred.If you sit another mans chair you mess the bumps his butt has made.

If you are invited to sit this OK.
Grandkids maybe OK.
A good looking woman is OK.
Any other should stay out.
The only man that can sit in my chair and I don't make get up is my son in law.This is the only man I know that works more hours than I do.He need the rest and sleeps there very well.

When some uninvited turd gets my chair I have to sit in a kitchen chair.

Man cannot sit on the sofa because women like to put pillows there.They just get in the way of a real man.Any man that likes a pillow filled sofa is probably a Nancy boy.This another state law.
Till next time--------------Poohpa

Thursday, November 25, 2010


When I die I have been thinking about cremation.This is something I have thought long and hard about.

But after weeks of hard though I have changed my mind.
This because Sondi would mix my ashes with the cat litter.

Till next time------------Poohpa

Giving Thanks

Everyone has alot to give thanks for.
Even if we don't know what we have.
I personally believe I have more than most.
This time of year makes me think of what I have and what is important to me.

A great woman that has been my lover and best friend for 40+ years.If she was not with me I do not know what I would do.
As you all know I have great kids and more grandkids than most.
I am blessed that they only live about 15 min.for us.
They still come around often ( and we love it).
I do a job that I am very good at and still enjoy doing it.
I have friends that are still around after more years than most.
I have good people to work with and that I get along with. We try to have fun while we work.
I have met new friends through blogs.
A few things people do not think of---
A good chair to rest, sleep, and fart in.
A good car to rest ,sleep, and fart in.( this when I am on the outs with my woman)
I am blessed to work in a job where I keep our freezer full of meat.( this my be the reason I have such a stealthy figure).
We both are reasonably healthy even though I have the deadly trio ( gray hair-bad knees and a big ass)
We own our house free and clear.
I sometimes have a warped way of looking at life.
This is a time in my life that I look at things in a different way.Like maybe a good crap is better than a new pair of pants.
A great TV to watch while I sleep,rest, and fart in my chair.
Till next time------------Poohpa

Monday, November 15, 2010

Houston Trip

Well you knew this was coming.
On Veterans Day ,My BFF, Clair and I took 2 patients to the Houston Hospital.We left about 7am and arrived,after a breakfast stop, about 11:45.
Notice that the porch swing is set up for a wheelchair.Everything is wheelchair accessible.
There are toy displays everywhere and plenty to play with.Smiles are plentiful even on the kids.All Shriners must wear the "Fez" when there.
This is the view from the 5th floor up to the roof. I could not take as many pics as I wanted.I was afraid I would step on someones toes.It was raining hard so no pics from the outside.The place very pretty, inside and out.

Story about one of the boys--
He was born with Cerebral Palsy ,I know I did not spell this right spell check did not help,in Las Vegas.When he was 2 they moved to Texas because of the research done in Houston.He had his 1st operation at 2yrs. After many trips and treatments he is 15 and playing high school football and soccer.
When being treated,the cost is nothing to the parents.No insurance.No asking for money,no matter what the income.Rich or poor.No even for a Coke.We feed them and transport.If needed we will even lodge them and the parents.
We just hope they will remember us later. Many Dads go one to become Masons and Shriners.
Till next time-------------Poohpa

Monday, November 8, 2010

Redneck Races

This last weekend was the last race this year at Texas Motor Speedway.I enjoy the races on occasion.Once every 3 or 4 years is fine with me.Not that there is anything wrong with the races,but it is a real ass whipping to go.
To get there,only 10 miles from the house,the traffic can be tuff if you don't leave early.It moves well,but it can move slow.You take a quarter million people and put them in a small area,it can be fun.
I am the kind of person that likes to watch people.There are a bunch of weird bastards to watch.Drunks are my favorite.I love to watch them stagger and stumble, kind of like me. When they pass out is the best.In their chairs,in the back of the truck,or outside of the pisser.
You see women that show their boobs( I would never look---).
Men that puke their guts out in public.
I very seldom drink and rarely ever drink to much.This is the reason why.My Dads cousin,AJ, was a fall down drunk.I have seen all of this up close and personal.
It is hard to take when you are 8.
Till next time---Poohpa

Friday, November 5, 2010

Phone useage

My Internet BFF Joy just posted about people that talk on cell phones while driving.
She must hate me.I admit it,I am one of the a-holes that talk when driving.
I used to bitch like an old man( Damn that is me),about people that did not watch what they are doing.Here I am admitting to the whole world,that I talk and drive at the same time.
Now I have changed.It is now OK to talk and drive.Along as you remain in control and stays to hell out of my way.
The a-holes I hate are the drive-texters.I thought I had my head up my butt! These guys are damn Nuts.
I even saw a motorcycle dude texting--Dumb ass (Hey that might be me).Poohpa state law says you are Stupid.
Till next time------Poohpa

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Weather Change

The weather down here is beginning to get a little cooler at night.It was cool and rainy this morning.Normally we only have a 2 day fall.This year we have had about 2 weeks of nice weather.
It has also brought out of the nuts(and I am not talking about the ones in the trees).
Crazy people that drive 90 in a rain storm.
People that drive up your ass when your at a stop sign.
Turds that want 2pds of custom cut chili meat 10 minutes before closing time.
Turds that think they are doing you a favor by ordering 30 pds of super thin cut beef jerky, when it's on sale for 1.99.
Why is that cool or cold temps make stupid people hungry?
Enough of my pre bitch'n.I am sure you will hear more later.
Till next time-------Poohpa