Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Pig Fish

My city,North Richland Hills Tx., has a city wide plan to beautify any thing they can.The put art work on lots of things.Their are plenty junction boxes( phone and electric). Any of these on major streets have been decorated.Some are the high school mascots.This is way cool.
The one near my house is a pig fish.Know I do not know what the f--- a pig fish is,but I cannot get this image out of my mind.
The thing is way cool and weird at the same time.If I get a change I will post a pic of it.
It haunts me ,maybe I am becoming a pig fish .I just don't know.

Heip me.Poohpa or pig fish.Poohpa or pig fish.
A change maybe coming.
Pig Fish out.   I meant --Till next time--------------Poohpa

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sad Day

Friday,on my part time job,I was sent to the town of Grandbury Tx.We had to deliver 5 cars to a Chevy dealer.It is about 60 miles from DFW airport from which we left from..3o miles to the other side of Fort Worth and then 30 miles south.
As I got near the town of Cresson,I noticed the people lining the side of the road.When I crossed into Hunt County,there were 2 sheriff cars on the side of the road,A mile further,2 more.As I got near Grandbury,the more cars,motorcycles,fire trucks,and even the dog catcher,were stopped and waiting.Flags and signs every where.
They were bringing a Fallen Soldier home to rest.The town turned out to pay respect for their own.
Very humbling.
As I pulled into the dealership,they were all at the street and waiting.This is a time for deep respect.
Three of the five drivers,got out of their cars with a big smile and asked what the parade was for,after all Labor Day was last week.
I was soooo embarrassed,I almost died.
How can people go through life with their heads up their ass? How can you not see what is happening?
As we left,the procession came through.Police,sheriff,and Patriot Guards,in the lead.Family cars and friends for about a mile.
Very humbling.

This old man cried.

Then today,he did once more.


Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Here I sit and it is 70f outside, at 10:00 at night.Last week it was 102f at this time.The heat has finally broke.We are able to get outside again. We had over 60 day over 100f this year. We have 5 to 10 most years.
West of here we have major fires.
Near Austin we have fires.
Near Houston we have fires.
In east Texas we have fires.
I am just happy I did not start a major fire with my farts.

Till next time---------------Poohpa

May all your hugs be warm.
May all your farts be dry.