Friday, July 29, 2011

Jury Duty

I spent my time as a jury panel member.
The did not pick me.I gadly serve when needed.This was an open and shut case.The young man pled quilty and the jury was asked to judge the punishment.

Just like Perry Mason.

Shit it was hot--downtown--104f---seemed like I was next door to Hell.

I think most people are born good,but sometimes they walk through random pockets of dumb ass.This must last for a lfe time.

Till next time------Poohpa

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Shit it is hot outside! 102f  in the shade today and it has been warmer earlier in the week. 105f on my patio in the shade.
Next week I have jury duty--shit it's hot.
I don't mind jury duty.It is all of our duty to serve.In 1980 I served on a jury for 3 weeks.Shit it was the hottest summer in history.Untill this year.I just hope I will not have to serve that long.
It is so hot outside,that when I was doing yard work,I farted.It caught on fire and almost burned a tree down.(Quess I will not bend over after eating tacos,while outside).I am OK ,just a burned butt and a ruined pair of cargo shorts.

Did I say--Shit it is hot?

Till next time------Poohpa

Friday, July 15, 2011


We had visitors from out of state this last weekend.
My sister Becki from Utah and her boy friend Riki---the spaceman.
Her daughter from Vegas and her family.
We did have a good time and also got togather with 40 of our long lost Aunts,Uncles,and cousins.These from my Mom's (we lost her in 1980) side of the family.We had a great dinner at El Chico's mexican resterant.They fixed a nice fajita bar,plenty to eat for everyone.A good time for all.It has benn atlest 20 yrs since we have seen most of them.
On Sunday we had a cook out at my house.Burgers ,dogs,and grill boneless pork chops.My neice spent 2hrs.making brownies from scratch.They were very good even if my son ,Keith had a problem getting them out of the oven.

As for the ants,they were there to greet Riki (this is a spaceman thing I quess).All I know is when he got to the house ,they all parted and you could her them chant--Riki-Riki.
When he left so did the ants---must be a space thing.

Till next time -------Poohpa

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Help Me

We have been invated by ants and Realiens.
Visitors are here from Utah and Navada.I do not know if they brought the ants,but I did see the movie "Them", when was a  kid.I do believe that this is all connected.
I will repoert back later if they do not suck our brains out while we sleep.

Till next time-----------Poohpa