Saturday, April 30, 2011

Mothers Day

This Mothers Day I will get Sondi the same thing as last year  -- not a damn thing.Just like last year!!
Not really---we are going to Galveston for a seven day cruise.

I have been thinking alot about Fathers Day.

The rage is an E reader--the Kindle or Barns and Nobel now carry their version  the Nook.

I understand that Half Priced Books now carry their version of the Nook.They call it the Nookie.

Ladies I know all your husbands would love a little Nookie for Fathers Day.

I will be waiting for mine.

Till next time-----Poohpa

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Life Lesson

Never wash your custom embroidered Shriner shirt( the one that is pure white with 2000 points of embroidery on the back alone),with your new black pants. I now have a gray one.Soon to order a new one. Shit!!!!!! Till next time -Poohpa

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Shriner Joke

A man went to the Dentist.After the exam,the Dentist says" You need three root canals," He says"I can't have a root canal,it will hurt to much.I can,t handle the pain." The Dentist says" We can use Novocaine," He says" It makes me sick,I think I am allergic to it." "We can use gas" He says. " No-no I am to scared I will just die".The man said. The Dentist left and returned with two blue pills and a glass of water."Take this" he said. "What are the pills for?" "Viagra".The Dentist said. "What the hell is that for?" The Dentist says"When I start drilling,with all that pain,Your going to need something to hold on to." Till next time------Poohpa

Monday, April 11, 2011

Twin Brother

Here I am in all my glory.

For years I have told all may friends that I have a twin.His name is Russ.

People are amazed that we do not look alike.I am the better looking one,in the top pic.

We have different mothers and he is 5yrs older. But to me,we are twins at heart.

I am till better looking!

Till next time-----------Poohpa

Summer Time

As you know--I am a meat cutter-not a butcher.A butcher has no finesse when it comes to craftsmanship.Most people think all you do is slice and dice.There is an art to this and it is a dying craft.Anyone can butcher a cut of meat,but not everyone can do it right.If done ,wrong it is tuff and chewy. This time of year ,we remerchandise our counter.More cook out items ( middle meats--t-bone-ribeye-strips) and less roast and stew meats. Me being as bitchy as I am,some things just aren't right. No real man will eat a kabob or satays.This is women food.( sorry ladies).No real man will eat or even buy a stuffed mushroom. Kabobs are not hard to make but they take alot of time,for the little money in return. Beef and chicken satay are just lean strips of meat woven on to a skewer. I think satay is French for pain in the ass. Steaks and pork chops are real man food. GRRRRRRRRRRRRR . Till next time----------------Poohpa

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I hate going to see the sonabitches.

  • There are lots of things I hate about them.

  • They do not listen to what you say--only what they want to hear.

  • They charge to much for what little service you actually get.It makes since to me that if you charge $50 for the insurance company,you should charge me the same if I pay cash.

  • How come when I return a call, to them, you can never talk to a real person?

  • Sick snotty little bastards in the same waiting room as people that just hurt.

  • Cold fingers.

  • The sound of KY jelly---splaaaat and then the slap of a rubber glove.

  • Guys--When you bend over does he have one or two hands on your back?

  • When you get double scoped--Does he use one or two hoses.Hopfully if he uses one,maybe he cleans it off first.

  • Why does he never send flowers?

  • Have you ever had a nurse or Doctor say thank you when you leave?