Monday, July 26, 2010

The Ol Stink Eye

A couple of days ago I saw a young man riding a crotch rocket.It is hard for me to remember the time when that was me on the bike.Old school before the crotch rockets were popular with the kids.We rode for about 8yrs with The Cycle Club of Fort Worth.That's right my wife was a biker bitch(we do not call her that for safety reasons).
She was always one of the shortest,but the cutest,women at any club function.She was teased and picked on because of her height,most of the time she took it in stride.I remember one time when a member from another club cornered her and was giving her a hard time.I knew he was in trouble.Before he knew it she had kicked him just above the boot.The poor son of a bitch never knew what hit him until he hit the ground in pure pain.That was the first time I ever saw her use of the stink eye.
The next time was when I called her short ass, this a bad call on my part.I got such a bad case of the ol stink eye that my blood ran cold for two days.I still remember the day, I still get chills to this day.
Till next time----Poohpa

Friday, July 23, 2010


Yesterday I saw a lady driving down the freeway in rush hour traffic texting.Even I know this is not smart.Just call me an old fart but I think texting will ruin the world.I refuse to give in,this coming from the man that would never own a cell phone or a computer. I will never become a text/tard.
Yes I said tard anyone that cannot live without it has got to be retarded.It is going to be the social down fall of the world.I swear kids cannot spell or even have a normal conversation any more.Some of my friends do not understand my refusal to change.Who gives a crap? I am what I am.
Till next time, in a text free zone----Poohpa This is a new state law!

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Well just a little rant about drivers.
On our trip to Nashville we took a short trip to the Jack Daniels distillery.The drive was about 70 miles from the airport.It was a nice drive, green trees and rolling hills.The homes were just breath taking.
The roads had fairly narrow lanes(nothing like Texas roads but no place is like Texas).As I rounded an inside curve, doing about 60 mph, this butt head was taking his half of the road out of the center.I swear to God he was half way into my lane! We were only about 100ft apart when we saw each other.
I just want to tell you I did pee and crap on myself all at the same time---not. I hope he crapped his pants.
If it had not been for my cat like reflexes and the fact I did not have my head up my butt,we would be a hood ornament for a Ford F-250.
In the process Linda spilled her coke all over her shirt and had to change before the tour.I was the hero for about 3minutes,then I got the stink eye for the shirt.
Not bad for a man with a bad turd/eye injury.
Till next time---Poohpa

Friday, July 16, 2010

Nashville 2010

When in Nashville you need to go to the Ryman.We are not big on bluegrass,but we were surprised to find a Ft. Worth group there.The Quebe Sisters.Very good and a show stopper.
The head liners were Vincent and Daley.Bluegrass super stars. Very funny and the music will give you goosebumps.

Inside the Ryman (we all ways feel so young when we go to something like this)


Belle Meade Plantation

Jack Daniel's Distillery

Sondi,Jack,and Linda

Killer bag

We spent a few days in Nashville. We had a great time with our friends(Richard and Linda). We had a small incident with a killer bag.It seems to be harmless---- right? Ever since the black bottom biscuits incident,I have feared for my life.I have been getting the stink eye for days.
In the hotel she was pulling her bag down the hallway.Just as we passed the maid cart.she said"Look in this room".This was her chance,she stopped the damn bag beside the maids cart.Of course I was looking to my right.I almost took out the cart and the bag,If it had not been for my cat like and perfect reflexes I would be pushing up daises by now!
She knows I missed the bullet,but she is still smiling while giving me the ole stink eye.
Every one pray for me---till next time Poohpa

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Crap shooters #2

Two of my grand kids just found my box of crap shooters.I was terrible,there was poop flying every where. I got hit about 20 times,twice in the eye.How do I go to work explain to the boss that I cannot work because of a turd/eye injury?The kids had fun, even though I had a major eye/turd injury.
We ate spaghetti and meat sauce for dinner.It was great along with the cajun style garlic bread.
Got to go ,I am getting the ole stink eye again. Till next time---Poohpa

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Who was it? Who did it? Was it you Ethel?Darlene?
I know not what is going on.This morning I woke up and found a plate of black bottom biscuits staring at me from across the bedroom!I fear waking up in the morning tied to the bed with a burnt biscuit stuck in my mouth! Maybe I will be lucky and that will be the only place I find one stuck.
I might have to chew my arm off to get loose.One armed bloggers have a hard time, not to mention cutting meat for a living.
Pray for me ! will be sick today just thinking about it.I fear sleep.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

4th of July

Last night we had some of the kids and grandkids over for chicken fajitas and a good time.We went to the local city fireworks and had a great time for all.
Now for the real reason I am writing. My wife and I just got through eating grilled ribeyes and baked taters Real man food!Along the the meal we also have garlic toast. God knows my wife is a good cook,but she can burn a batch of bread faster than a cat can lick his ass. Black bottom biscuits are her specialty.
She can sit beside the oven and still mess the bread up(I think is really a commie plot). Lord knows I love her but ,what the hell! It ain't brain surgery.
I have done my share of extra well done burgers,but I was distracted (that's my story and I am sticking to it).
As with my brother-in-law,I think I am safe, because she does not read my blog.She think it is silly and a waste of my time. As long as no one(Darlene and Ethel) does not rat me out ,it will be safe to sleep tonight.
Pray for me ,that she will not read this-----Poohpa

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Reading Material

I was just tagged by my blog friend from S. Korea , Our Jen Eric Life, to write a what I read in the potty.The reality of life is most people read in the crapper.Me,it is mostly the news paper.
In my old fart age I seem to go to sleep after about 2 pages.I do how ever listen to audio books.I prefer to listen to bang bang shoot em ups. Anything by Dan Brown,Robert B. Parker,Jonathan King.Or Robert Crais.
Some times I just ponder what I will write on this blog(great thing like crap shooters or redneck family).
What about you?