Friday, June 24, 2011


I got nothing!!!!
My mind has gone to shit---no brains left.
Not like I have alshimers { I can't spell either} or anything.Damn spell check does not always help.
Gone to shit-----
I am having a hard time try'n to find anything to write about.
All my fart stories are gone.
My family will not talk to me for fear I will rat them out on the blog.
The guys at work run from me.
I have run out of lies.
I have not got anything to talk bad about my friends.
Nothing to rant about at work,even with the holidays coming soon.Even nothing to tell about Jack Ass,the customer from hell.
I don't even have anything to tell about me.
What the hell is going on?    Shit for brains,that what.
Till next time -----------Poohpa ( I hope)


  1. Well, somehow you just wrote a post about ALL the things you have nothing to post about....genius. I have plenty of 'blank' days....maybe I'll try your method. Thanks Tee...

  2. Oh that comment was from me Tee. I had to post it anonymous because I've been having a problem posting comments on your site lately....don't know why. ~Joy