Sunday, November 11, 2012

Hey There!!!!!!!!!!

Just a short note to let you know we are still here.we have been busy trying to finish the bath remodle.(I am 99%done).All I have to do is hang towel bars.I want to also put a new electric plug in and a TV cable in for the TV.This means I will have to put in a new circuit breaker,this not to hard.The worst part is that I can't get in the attic safely anymore.I will have wait for one of the boys to help.

I have finished my CERT training.In Jan.I will start the second part.

The Shrine Circus went well.I can't wait till next year.With all that was going on,it really wore my butt out,but I love it.

We also took a small road trip with our friends.This was a nice change of nice this time of year.

I have just started taking a class to get my Ham radio permit.I have figured out I am not geeky enough for this.These people are super geeks.I will survive this(I hope)

Along with working 2 jobs.Shit I am tired!

Till next time-------------Poohpa

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