Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas 2012

This year,as always,we will have kids and grand kids over Christmas day.It has been proven,that I am the biggest kid of all.Call me a pushover or a big wuss,but I do love a family get together.
I am the one that would try to get the kids up at 4:00 to open their gifts.I can remeber Sarah telling me to grow up and go back to bed.
I remember us trying toget our presents opened befor my mother in law got to our house.
Now this woman did love her Christmas day.Every thing had to be done just the same as always.She even put 1.50 in change in my gift one time.When I asked her why,she said she spent a 1.50 more on her son than on me.
The dinner had to be just right.There was even a list of what was to be served.
I remember my brother ,sister and I ,having to hurry with our presents,so we would go to our grand parents,for dinner.Some times it was weeks before I knew what I got,because we were on the run all day.
Now we are lucky,that we stay at home and the kids come to us.I do not know how much longer this will last,but for know it works.
I remember Christmas past--my fil always lost his dinner roll.he always would say some one would steal it.
I remember the walks after,to walk off the food,so we would go back and eat pie.
Every year I would ask Mell( my Dads mom did not want to be called  Grannie)to come eat with us.For 35 years she said no.One year she said yes.This was one my best Christmas ever.She had never even been to my Dads for Christmas.In the next few months she pasted away.Maybe she knew what was to come.She did not stay long,but she came.
Know I love to watch the grand kids open the gift and see the look on their faces.I try and stir crap up with the grand kids and always get caught by Nene.
It always seems to go by to fast.

I want to wish all of 'yawl a very Merry Christmas to you and yours fom me and mine.

Till next time----Poohpa,Nene,Sarah,Gerry,Abbie,Nolan,Caity,Kevin,Angie,Hailey,Kasey,Keith,Sydney,Peyton,And little man--Andrew.

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