Friday, July 15, 2011


We had visitors from out of state this last weekend.
My sister Becki from Utah and her boy friend Riki---the spaceman.
Her daughter from Vegas and her family.
We did have a good time and also got togather with 40 of our long lost Aunts,Uncles,and cousins.These from my Mom's (we lost her in 1980) side of the family.We had a great dinner at El Chico's mexican resterant.They fixed a nice fajita bar,plenty to eat for everyone.A good time for all.It has benn atlest 20 yrs since we have seen most of them.
On Sunday we had a cook out at my house.Burgers ,dogs,and grill boneless pork chops.My neice spent 2hrs.making brownies from scratch.They were very good even if my son ,Keith had a problem getting them out of the oven.

As for the ants,they were there to greet Riki (this is a spaceman thing I quess).All I know is when he got to the house ,they all parted and you could her them chant--Riki-Riki.
When he left so did the ants---must be a space thing.

Till next time -------Poohpa

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