Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Shit it is hot outside! 102f  in the shade today and it has been warmer earlier in the week. 105f on my patio in the shade.
Next week I have jury duty--shit it's hot.
I don't mind jury duty.It is all of our duty to serve.In 1980 I served on a jury for 3 weeks.Shit it was the hottest summer in history.Untill this year.I just hope I will not have to serve that long.
It is so hot outside,that when I was doing yard work,I farted.It caught on fire and almost burned a tree down.(Quess I will not bend over after eating tacos,while outside).I am OK ,just a burned butt and a ruined pair of cargo shorts.

Did I say--Shit it is hot?

Till next time------Poohpa


  1. I should know better than to read this while I am working....

  2. Shit it's hot here too Tee. Way to hot for my liking...100's....although nothing on my body has caught fire yet. I don't know if you've started your jury duty....but good luck. ~Joy