Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Pig Fish

My city,North Richland Hills Tx., has a city wide plan to beautify any thing they can.The put art work on lots of things.Their are plenty junction boxes( phone and electric). Any of these on major streets have been decorated.Some are the high school mascots.This is way cool.
The one near my house is a pig fish.Know I do not know what the f--- a pig fish is,but I cannot get this image out of my mind.
The thing is way cool and weird at the same time.If I get a change I will post a pic of it.
It haunts me ,maybe I am becoming a pig fish .I just don't know.

Heip me.Poohpa or pig fish.Poohpa or pig fish.
A change maybe coming.
Pig Fish out.   I meant --Till next time--------------Poohpa

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