Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sad Day

Friday,on my part time job,I was sent to the town of Grandbury Tx.We had to deliver 5 cars to a Chevy dealer.It is about 60 miles from DFW airport from which we left from..3o miles to the other side of Fort Worth and then 30 miles south.
As I got near the town of Cresson,I noticed the people lining the side of the road.When I crossed into Hunt County,there were 2 sheriff cars on the side of the road,A mile further,2 more.As I got near Grandbury,the more cars,motorcycles,fire trucks,and even the dog catcher,were stopped and waiting.Flags and signs every where.
They were bringing a Fallen Soldier home to rest.The town turned out to pay respect for their own.
Very humbling.
As I pulled into the dealership,they were all at the street and waiting.This is a time for deep respect.
Three of the five drivers,got out of their cars with a big smile and asked what the parade was for,after all Labor Day was last week.
I was soooo embarrassed,I almost died.
How can people go through life with their heads up their ass? How can you not see what is happening?
As we left,the procession came through.Police,sheriff,and Patriot Guards,in the lead.Family cars and friends for about a mile.
Very humbling.

This old man cried.

Then today,he did once more.



  1. I guess this was a day for many tears Tee...bless your heart. ~Joy

  2. I hope those crazy people who protest at military funerals weren't anywhere around.

    I shed many tears this weekend too. It all seems almost like yesterday.

  3. Ethel from GrapevineSeptember 13, 2011 at 11:42 AM

    I would have been right there with you, my friend, silently showing the respect this fallen hero so richly deserved. I spent almost the entire day Sunday, September 11, watching the coverage of the dedication of the Memorial in New York City(crying). Also, the Pennsylvania and Pentagon services(crying). Then I watched again in tears as the towers fell, with the incredible loss of lives. I also listened as the families of those aboard Flight 93 told the humbling story of courage and selflessness exhibited by the passengers, who gave their all so the hijackers would not win. Many tears I shed all through the day: It was the least I could do as a sign of my respect and gratitude. Our fallen soldier heroes deserve the utmost tribute for their courage and dedication. All gave some; some gave all. They deserve all our tears.