Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Dam'n It!

Still not losing any weight,Hell I even gained 3lbs.I am getting tired of this.
Shit!!I am going to join a fitness club tomorrow.I hate paying money to sweat(I am one cheap bastard as I have said many times).
I don't seem to eating that much,I quess I will starve myself to death.Maybe if I chew my lips off,it will keep me lean and mean.
Although I am still down over 50lbs,I want more.

I will take a minute to say Happy Birthday to my great looking wife.She turns 16(she has some of my grandkids believing  this).People think I am the only one with a line of bull shit in this house.Bull shit.
            ( reverse the 6 and the1,and add 1.This her true age.You did not hear this from me!!)
Till next time ---Poohpa

1 comment:

  1. Don't lose faith Tee...there are a lot of ups and downs while trying to lose weight; but you have done AMAZING so far. You are inspiring me to do more than just 'think' about it.

    Happy Belated Birthday to sweet Sondi...beautiful lady. I guess she and I are Capricornian buddies...hugs to you both. ~Joy