Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spring time

I love the mid parts of the year.Spring and Fall.
I love the fact that it ain't to damn hot .Call me a wuss,I don't care.The cold doesn't bother me as much as the heat.Being a meat cutter,I am in the cold most of the time.Now I don't like to freeze either.
I know, you can't have it both ways.
This time of the year makes me wish I still had a motorcycle.It has seen 30 yrs.,bu the urge is still there.I rode for 10yrs.and loved it,but things had to change and the bike went.We rode with a touring club for years and loved it.We met some of our best friends there.
It is hard to believe Nene was a biker bitch,but it was true.I always thought she was hot on a bike!
She says I am to damn old to ride anymore---wrong,but the Soul does have air and heat.
As I have said " I hate yard work",this has not changed.
As most of you know I have been working to lose weight,yard work is not as much fun as going to the gym.The weight lose is going slow,but it is going.63lbs in 3 months.

Till next time----Poohpa


  1. The heat bothers me more than the cold too Tee....always has. Wow...63 lbs. in three months...that's amazing. Congrats...and keep it up, you're doing great! ~Joy