Monday, July 23, 2012

Two trips

Two trips in one month! This a new thing for us.First,a trip to Lke Powell for a few days on a 70ft houseboat,then Clovis New Mexico for a softball tournement.
The young ladies play in a eight and under bracket.They won the nationals! Playing the girls that won the title last year,we beat them three times.Twice in one day.
The other team usally wins by 15 runs or more.The Haltom Fireballs beat them 18 to2.
Maybe the 7 hour drive was worth it.
This is the first time year,Hailey, has ever been asked to play at this level.The first few weeks were ify,but the girls came together.They played great and kicked some ass,in the process.
For winning the Nationals,the young ladies were awarded Championship rings,with a chain,so the can wear them around their necks.They may not be Super Bowl rings,but I know 11 young ladies that
 will differ with you.This a big deal for a eight year old!( and a Poohpa)

Pics to come later-----------------------Poohpa

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  1. You bet it's a big deal...and very exciting. Congratulations to Hailey and her team....and Poohpa too. ~Joy