Monday, July 16, 2012

Vacation 2012--Lake Powell Az.

 Lake Powell marina from the boat.
We shared a houseboat with my brother and his wife,my sister and her man friend and Troy and his wife. We were here for four days of rest,including four days of intense bullshit and lies.It was great!
This my kind of vacation---food,food and more food,and good company.

Like is good.The water was deep,clear, and cool.Movies in the hot part of the day.Hot tub in the later afternoon.It was hot but the humdity was very low.Even when it 100f,it was nice in the shade.

The boat was four bedrooms,two baths,and room for 6 to eat at the table.A hot tub on the upper deck with a wet bar near,stereo and satillite TV in every room.
Ritas in the tub late in the after noon.
Steaks at night.
Eggs and pancakes in the morning.
 Troy and Sharon.
Men doing what men do!---The Saggy Ass Boys
 Becki,Riki,Sharon,and Sondi in the tub w/ ritas.
 Becki and Riki.
 Russ and Cleo.
Like is good!

Till next time-Poohpa


  1. What a fun post Tee. Hey, I didn't see you in the there with the 'Saggy Ass Boys'....did I miss you? Great the one of you and Sondi. ~Joy

    1. Thanks for the comment.The trip was fun and way to darn short.Iwas third saggy ass from the left---Tee

  2. Ethel from GrapevineJuly 22, 2012 at 10:21 AM

    I, on the other hand, recognized your saggy ass right away! HAHAHAHAHA!!! Thanks for posting the pictures, Tee. Color me green, please. So glad you , Sondi and the rest of the group enjoyed the trip.