Saturday, March 20, 2010


One more time it's snowing -- March 20 --spring in Texas, don't you just love it?
Enough about that.
The real reson I am posting is ,I have to bitch again about tailgaters.
I work a p/t job as driver for Enterprise rent a car. As a driver I take cars out of service,
put new cars in service.Also take them to the auction and deliver to car dealers.WE travel
in a van with as many as six drivers.Our van driver is a bad tailgater. Twice friday,he came close
having a bad wreck. On day it will happen, I just hope it will not be bad.
(refer to#1 on my list)
Friday night we took our kids and grandkids,along with my mom and Angie's grand moom,
to play bingo at hte Masonic temple.The Shriners did a nice job.Popcorn and cokes,along
with free bingo.Grand mom and my wife won.The grand kids had fun,we had a great time.
there is notng better than family time and fun
Till next time --Poohpa

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