Monday, June 28, 2010

Cook out

Rug rats every are where

This is my kids and some of my neices and their husbands.

We had a cook out for my sister (Becki) and her boyfriend (Riki).
We had a small turnout,about 31 showed up. I fixed 30 burgers,30+ dogs,and about 5lb. of smoked sausage.No one died from the food. All of the kids had fun and played for hours out side, even though it was 95f,a few tears but no blood. Every one brought chips,water,and buns.
We had a great time and the fellow ship was great.
Life is good when you have a good family,mine is the best,we love them all.

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  1. Yep, you all look really great...happy, glad to be together....the faces of your family testify to that. A little scorching weather can't dampen that kind of spirit. Life really IS good isn't it Tee? I'm sure you've got a great 4th of July planned with a lot of those same wonderful people....have fun. ~Joy