Monday, June 14, 2010

Status Change

When working in the meat dept. we talk,wait on,or service from 75 to 100 people per day. This for every employee back there.Most people know us but we know very few(we try and make every customer fell like they are our best friend).

If we remember you it is for a reason,HOT women and problem customers.I have had my share of these type people.I have found out over the years that engineers are the worst.They think they are right even when they don't know swat.

There are different categories for these people.


Butt holes

Jack ass

Ass wipe

Chicken shit (this is save for the every special)

We have only one that has reached jack ass status. The day before yesterday,my fellow worker(Larry), changed his status straight to Chicken shit.I have no idea what he did to Larry, but he was instantly elevated,pass ass wipe all the way to Chicken shit.Way to go Jack ass,you pissed off one of the nicest guys I have ever known.

Till next time---Poohpa

What is your status?


  1. I can spell status but sometimes I cannot change a miss spelling