Wednesday, June 16, 2010

State Law

When my kids were growing up,I found the greatest parenting tool in the world.State Law. When they were young and I would tell them to do something and they ask why.You just say it is a state law.Low and behold they did it with out question. Who knew, not me.
. They got to high school age and it still worked. My wife and I became band partents,it worked on them too! Even told the band teachers and they did not question us for years.
It is pure power in the hands of parents.
Try it on your kids,I do not have it copy righted yet.Till next time--Poohpa


  1. Ethel from GrapevineJune 17, 2010 at 10:40 AM

    Where were you 50yrs ago, when I could have used this information? Oh, wait, you were just a kid yourself then. Did your Dad use the State Law explanation on you, too? Not too sure you would have fallen for it, though. I think you were probably a star student in the "experience is the best teacher" class!

  2. Do you have these codes written down somewhere...under the heading 'Moral Codes by Tee?' You should. Somehow you've managed to escape any incrimination all these must be VERY convincing....or extremely intimidating. Nice work. ~Joy

  3. State Law.....gotta love it. Of course it worked on Abbie for a while but she is starting to question it. Love ya