Friday, October 22, 2010

Texas World Series

Game #6 was one of the great ball games that I have ever seen.If you have not heard the Ranger beat the Yankees.It was awesome.

We have been waiting for 30yrs for a chance at the big game.Win or lost the Rangers are winners in my books.I wish I would have been at the game, but my wallet did not let me. The World Series will be in Arlington Tx. next week.Life is good.

Next February the Super Bowl will be played in Arlington also.The tickets are unreal as far as the price.I cannot go to the game ,but I have volunteer to work some of the events. Even though the game will be better on TV,Every man wants to be there.

Our city of Fort Worth will be featured on ESPN.Dallas will also be spot lighted( but who gives a shit?) Can you tell I think Dallas sucks.

Till next time-----Poohpa

I just found out that I will be making my first trip to Houston.I will be taking a child down to the Shriner's Hospital.The unit I belong to,The Flying Fez, Is responsible for transporting the patients to the hospitals.


  1. How awesome!!!! I cant beleive you will be taking your first child to Houston!!! Very proud of you and what you are a part of. Love you Daddy

  2. What a wonderful thing you are doing with your involvement with the Shriners. I admire and congratulate you Tee.

    Yeah, I guess it's the Rangers and Giants...that should be a good series. I'm glad your team beat the Yankees; I was pulling for them. I plan to watch at least some of it. Good luck to your Rangers... ~Joy