Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Gees it I have done it now----I pissed my daughter off---Duh
How did you piss her off Poohpa?
Did you fart in her face?
Did you talk bad about her husband?
Did you slam a door on her?
Did you say her butt looked big?
Did you talk bad about her new car?

No, I say, I did none of this!!!!!!!!!!!
I never fart in her face! She is too tall.
I like her husband! ( Let it be known all son-in-laws can be a dumb ass--This is a Poohpa state law).
She has a great butt!
I love her car!

What did I do?
I said she was acting like her MOTHER.OMG I could have hit her with a wet dog turd and not have gotten in more crap!
If you have not figured it out yet. I love her Mom.
She loves her kids.
She loves her grandkids to a falt.
She would fight a tornado for her kids or the grandkids.
She raised great kids and taught them to care for others.
And to top it off she looks damn good for her years!

I did not know that the ole stinkeye was passed on through he genes. Maybe it is a learned trait.I do not know,but I have been getting the major stink eye form her!
What did I do wrong?
Till next time-------------Poohpa


  1. Hmm, must be in the genes....or someone has been watching Mom pretty closely all these years and perfected the ole stinkeye technique. Good luck Tee...

  2. Joy...he needs all the luck in the world right now. LOL I do love my daddy dearly but right now he is on the "crap list"

  3. dude, im not a dumb ass son in law!!!

  4. Sarah, I can't imagine how you couldn't love your crazy Dad...but after reading Keith's comment, I think he may be on more than one "crap list." ~LOL
    Hugs, Joy