Sunday, November 28, 2010

Me Chair

As one of my last post says I need my chair.Man needs a good place to park his big ass.Your chair is one of the few places a man can go, that is his own.If another violates this it ,is an affront to his manhood.To me this is as bad as messing with his food or his woman.
Archie Bunker, my hero,said his chair was sacred.If you sit another mans chair you mess the bumps his butt has made.

If you are invited to sit this OK.
Grandkids maybe OK.
A good looking woman is OK.
Any other should stay out.
The only man that can sit in my chair and I don't make get up is my son in law.This is the only man I know that works more hours than I do.He need the rest and sleeps there very well.

When some uninvited turd gets my chair I have to sit in a kitchen chair.

Man cannot sit on the sofa because women like to put pillows there.They just get in the way of a real man.Any man that likes a pillow filled sofa is probably a Nancy boy.This another state law.
Till next time--------------Poohpa

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  1. I'm learning a lot about your legal system and state laws Tee. I had no idea where a man sits was one of them. Happy Holidays...and may your chair be filled with no other butt BUT your own.