Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Weather Change

The weather down here is beginning to get a little cooler at night.It was cool and rainy this morning.Normally we only have a 2 day fall.This year we have had about 2 weeks of nice weather.
It has also brought out of the nuts(and I am not talking about the ones in the trees).
Crazy people that drive 90 in a rain storm.
People that drive up your ass when your at a stop sign.
Turds that want 2pds of custom cut chili meat 10 minutes before closing time.
Turds that think they are doing you a favor by ordering 30 pds of super thin cut beef jerky, when it's on sale for 1.99.
Why is that cool or cold temps make stupid people hungry?
Enough of my pre bitch'n.I am sure you will hear more later.
Till next time-------Poohpa

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