Friday, February 25, 2011

Birthday Past

I said earlier that I had just turned 60.(Damn that's old)

I was thinking about birthdays past.

Toys long gone,old friends not seen for years.

The most memorable is when I turned 40.Good friends and good times are hard to forget.

We were involved with our kids high school .I was on the band booster board.

The group of people we met were very much fun to be with,they had my type of humor

(rude and crude).We got together every week to eat.

The morning of my birthday I got ready to go to work.Went to get my coffee and looked out the kitchen window.Now--if I am late to work it doesn't just bother me,but if some other than me does--well let's just say it makes me pissy.
I looked out the kitchen window and what do I see?
My car filled with balloons and shrink wrapped with miles of film.Windows painted with rude comments.Not only that,but my trees filled with toilet paper hanging like snakes from the top of them.I had been teeped by my buds.Bastards-sonsabitches-ass wipes.(that was the nice things I said).
The first thing I did was call them all.5:30 am is the perfect time for threatening phone calls.
I will get them back.
It took 45 min. to clean my car up so I can go to work.Then when I get to work(mad as hell) they had gone to my store and posted signs in the back room and ladies room.
Later that night,we went to Kenny's house to meet to go out for dinner.Kenny says "We have a birthday cake for you to cut before we go eat".
The cake was a water balloon iced with chocolate frosting.Have you ever been pissed on by a cake?
Bastards, and people wonder why I hate people.
Till next time------ Poohpa
Next time---the pay back

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  1. Oh did I say Happy Birthday Tee? Well, it's belated, but I hope you had a wonderful day. ~Joy