Friday, February 11, 2011

I will not say that again

The passport issue has been resolved!

When we were at the Post Office applying for our passports I thought of an old story that happened to me years ago----

One day at work, Bud, tells me he had a flat tire on the way home and had to change it on the side of the road.

So I says--

I never have had a flat on the road.I have gotten up but had one in the drive way.

You know,the next morning bap-bap-bap---flat tire.

The next week my MIL came down with a fever blister on her top lip.

So I says---

You know I have never had a fever blister before.

The next morning--a big ole blister.This was not your run of the mill blister.The bastard took on a life of it's own.It would talk to complete strangers--look at me--look at me.It weighed so much I bent over to tie my shoe and almost fell over.I called it Fred.

About a week later ,Bud, says when he was a kid he broke his arm playing football.

I did not say a damn word.---Poohpa

1 comment:

  1. Fred the Fever Blister, huh? Talked to strangers...hmmm. Sounds like you and Mister Blister could have taken your act on the road and made some $$$$ Tee. How many talking blisters have you run into lately?

    Sometimes it's good not 'to say a damn word.' ~Joy