Sunday, March 27, 2011

Mom and Dad

Mom and Dad loved each other,but they drove each other crazy.The more they were together,the more they grew to hate each other. They divorced and then they were happy.Each remarried and were happy for many years after. My Mom lived next door to my sister,in Utah.Later when my Dad visited my sister, he became friends with her and Jim. My Mom and Jim would even go out with Dad and Dean. Years before they divorced,Dad lost his job with Armour Packing.He tried to find a job for months. Dad had tried to get on with the US Border Patrol.He took all his test and passed with flying colors.He never heard from them again.Years later my Mom asked him if he remembered the job with the Border Patrol.Years later she told him that he had gotten a job and was to report to Laredo Tx., on the Texas-Mexico border.Mom told him she tore the papers up and never told him. You never know how life could be, if things were different. If things were different I may have had a daughter named Juanitia. Till next time-------------------Poohpa


  1. mostly time I found blog but I naver gain lots of information but this blog have lots of important information abt this and I got lots of imformation on it . Thanks

  2. Amazing all the little 'things' that come out in families years later, isn't it? Juanita? You kill me Tee...

  3. Juanita huh? I wonder how long it would of taken you to spell that one? lol love ya