Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I hate going to see the sonabitches.

  • There are lots of things I hate about them.

  • They do not listen to what you say--only what they want to hear.

  • They charge to much for what little service you actually get.It makes since to me that if you charge $50 for the insurance company,you should charge me the same if I pay cash.

  • How come when I return a call, to them, you can never talk to a real person?

  • Sick snotty little bastards in the same waiting room as people that just hurt.

  • Cold fingers.

  • The sound of KY jelly---splaaaat and then the slap of a rubber glove.

  • Guys--When you bend over does he have one or two hands on your back?

  • When you get double scoped--Does he use one or two hoses.Hopfully if he uses one,maybe he cleans it off first.

  • Why does he never send flowers?

  • Have you ever had a nurse or Doctor say thank you when you leave?

1 comment:

  1. Oh Lord....I don't like doctor visits either Tee; but you paint a whole other picture with your that makes me shake in my shoes. KY jelly...splat? OOOO!! Double scoped, clean hoses? And I won't even comment about the one for the guys. Seeing your list doesn't help my paranoia about going to the doctor... ~Joy