Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Uncle Max

A few years ago,we had a big storm come through our area.A lot of people lost power for a week or more.Luckily we were not one, of the ones that lost power.My mil(Nannie) was with out power and stayed with us for a week.
We found out her brother,Max,was in his house with no electrical power.After a little talking,he came to stay with us also.
One Monday night,we were watching TV.They were showing the  D-day ceremonies from France.Uncle Max said he was there.Come to find out he was one of the Rangers that scaled the cliffs at Normandy!He never talked to us about it before.I never knew he was a true American hero.

As a young boy who spent his Saturday mornings at the movies fighting Hitler and the Japs,I was in awe.As a child of the fifties,I was talking to man that had walked the walk.He was one of the few that made it back.
We lost Uncle Max a few months later.We lost a true hero and we all lost a great Uncle and a man to look up too.
Max, thank you for your service to our country .You are the reason America is so great!We love you and miss you.

Till next time-------------Poohpa

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  1. It was great to get to know him. It was also nice to see Nannie in that role of sister to him. I had never seen that side of her with anyone else other than her. And when he called her "Josie" I remember her looking at me and saying "only he can call me that" LOL