Thursday, April 22, 2010

Dumb questions from the meat market

  • What is the difference between a fresh and frozen turkey?--Dah
  • Where are the veggie burgers?---not in the mkt
  • Are there bones in boneless fish filets? (it says boneless not bone free)
  • Why does it smell fishy in the seafood dept.?--Dah---could it be the 20 ft of dead fish?
  • The best--The power is out in the store,emergency generators are on, lights only.This drunk comes in and cannot understand why I cannot grind him 20lb. of chili meat. He goes and complains to the store manager-The dumb ass manger actually calls back and wants to know why.Dumb shit.


  1. Ethel from GrapevineApril 23, 2010 at 12:32 PM

    Well, there you go. I learn something every day. I really did think boneless meant no bones. Just call me dumbass from now on.

  2. Maybe I should explain boneless means less bones not bone free

  3. ok well Ethel that makes me a dumbass as well...being a meatcutters daughter for 30 years and I didn't know that either. I guess he can call us both dumbass