Thursday, April 8, 2010


During the 70's My wife and I rode with the CYCLE Club of Ft. Worth.
One person we met was Boyd(biker-truck driver/dumb ass), who we found out he lived up the street from us.

Boyd came down with bad case of jock itch(a rash of the inner thighs and hangy-downy things afflicting males). He tried everything to fix the problem.Nothing worked.

Boyd finds a bottle of Listerine--on the bottle it states"kills germs by the millions".Boyd tries Listerine--boyd falls to floor crying and screaming.

Next day no jock itch.

Next weekend Boyd and his brother in law are watching the Cowboy game.Brother in law tells Boyd his has the worst case of jock itch he has ever had.Boyd tells him Listerine worked on him(leaving out the burning).

Half time brother in law goes to rest room.Boyd hears brother in law fall to floor.
Boyd hears something to the fact he is a low life son of a bitch and other bad things.

Boyd leaves did not see brother in law for a week. Itch was cured.

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  1. I laugh everytime I hear this story....