Monday, April 12, 2010


At first it was she did not like me,the son of the other woman.( see Redneck Family).We married in July '69,in Las Vegas.A few months later we moved back to Texas.By the next summer I had won her over with my wit and charm.(lord I hope I don't go to hell for lying)

She was a perfect lady and a great mother-in-law.But she was even a better grand mother.

Then she became Nannie.My kids thought she was perfect(and she was).She lived for her grand kids.In their younger years they spent most weekends with her .She played games and did puzzles with them.

After they married ,she would have them over every fall to make dressing for Thanksgiving and Christmas.It became a tradition for them.The last few years my oldest son would have all over to his house and Nannie coached them on how to make the dressing.To this day my kids still look forward to this,now my grandkids are learning. Great fun for all.

Nannie found my youngest son and his sister jumping on the bed one day,they were told not to do it antymore.Later she caught them jumping again(not good).She pulled their pants down and spanked them(the fear of God). To this day they would not jump on a bed and warn their kids about happend to them.

We took vacations together.She was always fun and ready to go anytime.

We all miss her and loved her.She loved her family more than anyone I have ever known.


  1. Ethel from GrapevineApril 13, 2010 at 4:00 PM

    Not the usual mother-in-law story, but what a great memory to have of her.She's given mothers-in-law a good name. We need all the help we can get!

  2. Ok, I read this and had to come back to post.
    I have NEVER jumped on the bed after that spanking...and I have threatened my own kids with that spankin'. I love our tradition with making dressing even though it seems to be harder every year to get together. I do hope one day our kids will continue with the tradition, I know it would make her proud.
    I also love that Abbie got to her know her so well. She still talks about her several times a week and misses her more than ever.
    She was a wonderful Nannie and is truely missed!