Sunday, August 15, 2010

Dinning Out

Every Friday night we go out to eat with our friends.We have a group of eight that have gotten together for years.This has been a weekly occurrence for 25+ years.People come and people go,but the supper club goes on.
Over the years many funny things have happened.
The time that Bill threw and leaf on me in the pool and I thought a bat was sucking my brains out.
My buddy Drew tried go get out of our van without undoing the seat belt. He hung there like a rag doll, not being able to get in or out.
On my 40th birthday they gave a birthday cake that was really a water balloon,with chocolate icing on it.When I cut it,it burst,and icing was hanging from the ceiling.When I got up that morning,my car was wrapped in shrink wrap ,about 200ft. of it.When I got to work they had up notes and signs all over the store.Some not very nice. My trees were covered with toilet paper.Rude signs painted all over my car.The inside of the car was filled with balloons.
Needless to say it ,took me a year ,but I got all of them back.
The time that Bill laughed at me so hard,he shot a piece of Oreo cookie out his nose,and had to got to the hospital.He could not talk for about 3 days.
More next time-------Poohpa

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  1. 'Let the good times roll'....GADZOOKS, you have a wild and crazy group there; but lots of fun. That's what really counts. I'm still laughing about Bill and the Oreo cookie shooting out of his nose...ouch. I guess hospitals see everything...and those doctors and nurses probably have some pretty good laughs too.