Monday, August 9, 2010


When we went to Galveston for the weekend. We had a great time.We spent a day at the beach and also took the grandkids fishing.Nolan caught 4 fish,his little sister Abbie,caught 8 fish.As you know this really miffed Nolan His little sister out fished him.
Being the grand dad I am ,I offered Nolan a dollar to kiss a dead shrimp.I just knew he would do it,I had camera in hand, but the little fart would not do it.I saved a dollar.
The beach was good,no sea weed, but the jelly fish were bad.One came out of a large wave and got Miss Abbie.The life guard had vinegar to put on it, the sting was better after 20 minutes.The natural remedy is to pee on it,I was told to do the deed,but refused for fear of scaring them for life.
I also remembered, that a sun burn on the under side of you arms,hurt like hell. This is a state law you should never forget.
Till next time--------Poohpa

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