Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Past

We are getting close to Christmas and I have not talked to you lately.I have been very busy at work-with the doctors--with the rehab--but also shopping for my baby.
I remember a few things from Christmas past.
The time my oldest son was a baby.he was so sick we almost put him in the hospital.At my Dads house on Christmas Eve,all he did was lay on Dad and eat potato chips.Dad talked about that till the day he pasted.
Last year little Kasey got a new plastic rifle that made shooting noises.For hours he carried that thing around and must have shot in 500 times the first hour.
The year my wife found cameras very cheap for my 10 little nieces and nephews.Their Moms bitched for years about the cost to them for development.Aunt Sondi always buys the best stuff for the kids.
The year that I drew my sisters name for a gift.The only thing I could think of was to make her something.When I brought out the deacons bench I made Vickie started crying.Hell thought she was pissed and apologised, then I got the best hug ever.
The Christmas lights of Christmas past--the bastards never work right.
The work and love my mil,Nannie,put into the Christmas dinner-( two types of corn-two kinds of mac& cheese-dressing with and without onions-olives and sweet pickles-and Dema's fruit salad).
Trying to get the kids up early so we could beat Nannie and Papa.This way we had time to our self with the kids.
My kids telling me to go back to bed,that it was 4:30,not 7:00.( Can you tell I love Christmas morning?).
The year my grandmother,Mell,accepted my invitation to celebrate with us.I had only asked for 35yrs.Later on that next year she passed away.She gave me one of the best presents ever,just by being there.
My fil,Papa, would claim some one stole his bread and have the kids get him another.Every year some one's bread gets stolen.
How every year my mil and my wife would make us save tags and bows.
One year I got hamburger patty boxes from work(we were throwing away about 200),it became a tradition to get a present in a patty box.Today there are only about 5 left,we wore out the rest.
Every year we hope we don't have black bottom bread.
The year my soon to be ex daughter-in-law,gave Sondi a platter she had made with all the grand kids names and hand prints.Instant tears for Sondi and Amy.
Best of all, just having our kids and their families with us!
I know this a long post, but we have many memories.
Till next time-----------------Poohpa
Merry Christmas to you and yours!


  1. Ethel from GrapevineDecember 16, 2010 at 10:50 AM

    Merry Christmas to you and yours, as well, my friend. Loved your Christmas memories post. What wonderful blessings these memories are, particularly the recurring ones honoring those no longer with you in life, but forever present in spirit. God Bless you all; now go make more Christmas memories! Besides, with all your loving family sharing Christmas, who cares about black-bottomed bread!

  2. Yes Tee...I sure can tell you love Christmas morning....and everything about Christmas...especially being with your family. This post was warm and wonderful, just the kind I love. You have so many great memories that you've made over the years...nothing is better than that. May you and your beautiful family make many more this deserve every one of them Poopah. Your family will be talking about all the memories YOU have made for them through the years...that's the beauty of it all. Hugs, Joy

  3. I actually found a brand new patty box the other day...have it laid out ready to go. LOL