Thursday, April 14, 2011

Shriner Joke

A man went to the Dentist.After the exam,the Dentist says" You need three root canals," He says"I can't have a root canal,it will hurt to much.I can,t handle the pain." The Dentist says" We can use Novocaine," He says" It makes me sick,I think I am allergic to it." "We can use gas" He says. " No-no I am to scared I will just die".The man said. The Dentist left and returned with two blue pills and a glass of water."Take this" he said. "What are the pills for?" "Viagra".The Dentist said. "What the hell is that for?" The Dentist says"When I start drilling,with all that pain,Your going to need something to hold on to." Till next time------Poohpa

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