Monday, April 11, 2011

Summer Time

As you know--I am a meat cutter-not a butcher.A butcher has no finesse when it comes to craftsmanship.Most people think all you do is slice and dice.There is an art to this and it is a dying craft.Anyone can butcher a cut of meat,but not everyone can do it right.If done ,wrong it is tuff and chewy. This time of year ,we remerchandise our counter.More cook out items ( middle meats--t-bone-ribeye-strips) and less roast and stew meats. Me being as bitchy as I am,some things just aren't right. No real man will eat a kabob or satays.This is women food.( sorry ladies).No real man will eat or even buy a stuffed mushroom. Kabobs are not hard to make but they take alot of time,for the little money in return. Beef and chicken satay are just lean strips of meat woven on to a skewer. I think satay is French for pain in the ass. Steaks and pork chops are real man food. GRRRRRRRRRRRRR . Till next time----------------Poohpa

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  1. Well, I'm glad you cleared that up. It's always good to know what 'real men' eat...and I'll keep my eye out for the 'frauds' who are trying to pass as the 'real deal.' Thanks Tee....

    Oh, and I do like satays, but I also love steaks and pork chops...Oh, oh....maybe I'm not a 'real woman.' Shhhh!!