Sunday, May 2, 2010


  • Marry the woman of my dreams--done
  • Have a great family with 3 great kids--done
  • Have family full of grand kids--done
  • Visit the Grand Canyon--done
  • See the Great Salt Lake--done
  • Own our on home--done
  • Become a Shriner to help kids that cannot help themselves--done
  • Become debt free before I retire
  • Travel to NYC--done
  • Drive the west coast from Seattle to L.A.
  • Drive the east coast from Key West to Maine
  • Cruise and train to Alaska
  • Visit the county Shropshire in England
  • See a Worlds Fair--done
  • Travel to the beaches of Normany to give thanks to all of the HERO'S that are buried there
  • Own a big ass black Suburban
  • Be able to drive my big ass Suburban to all my grand kids weddings


  1. Ethel from GrapevineMay 3, 2010 at 1:41 PM

    Looks like you are doing well with your Bucket List. I'm sure Nicholson and Freeman{Jack and Morgan} would approve. Don't go jumping out of any planes, ok?

  2. Wow, you've done a LOT on your bucket list....I'd say you're in very good shape to complete it. I've never written a bucket list...maybe I should think about that. Cheers to you Poohpa.