Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Old Joke

I was remined today of an old joke I used to tell.Maybe some of my new friends will enjoy this,to my old ones get over it.

A man sitting in a restaurant eating dinner.He notices all the servers have spoons in their shirt pocket.He cannot stand it and calls his waiter to the table.

Man--I see you all have spoons in your pocket,what gives?

Waiter--We have taken surveys over the years and people tend to drop spoons more than anything else.So we all carry spoons just to save time.

Man--That makes since,thank you.

A few moments later he notices that all the male servers have strings hanging from their pants fly. Again he calls the same waiter over .

Man--Ok what is with the strings hanging from your fly?

Waiter--The same survey says people worry about us touching our pecker when we go to the bathroom.So we just pull it out with the string.

Man--Don't you still have to touch it when you put it back in your pants?

Waiter--No I just use my spoon.

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  1. Ethel from GrapevineMay 6, 2010 at 1:08 PM

    Oh, what a visual I'm getting! That's a good one, Tee. Although I consider myself an old friend, I had not heard the joke before. You know, I've heard about "minding your P's and Q's"; somehow "minding your Spoons and Strings" just doesn't have the same panache! Stay cool!